23 (2): Volcanoes and Climate

Eds: LeGrande AN, Anchukaitis KJ, von Gunten L & Goodwin L

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 23(2), 41-84, 2015


Number of pages: 44

This issue of Past Global Changes Magazine: Volcanoes and Climate highlights how volcanic eruptions represent some of the most climatically important and societally disruptive short-term events in human history. It focuses on the history, processes, and consequences of large eruptions and how they affect the climate system.

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Individual Articles

 > Front Cover
 > Contents
 > News
 > PAGES pilot to chart new waters [p.43]
 > Transition accomplished - New setting and new structure of PAGES [p.44-45]


 > Volcanic eruptions and climate [p.46-47]
A.N. LeGrande and K.J. Anchukaitis

Science Highlights

 > The history of volcanic eruptions since Roman times [p.48-49]
M. Sigl, J.R. McConnell, M. Toohey, G. Plunkett, F. Ludlow, M. Winstrup et al.

 > Volcanic aerosol radiative properties [p.50-51]
A. Lacis

 > Evolving particle size is the key to improved volcanic forcings [p.52-53]
G. Mann, S. Dhomse, T. Deshler, C. Timmreck, A. Schmidt, R. Neely and L. Thomason

 > A coordinated modeling assessment of the climate response to volcanic forcing [p.54-55]
D. Zanchettin, C. Timmreck, M. Khodri, A. Robock, A. Rubino, A. Schmidt and M. Toohey

 > Volcanic eruptions and the global hydrological cycle [p.56-57]
C.E. Iles, G.C. Hegerl and A.P. Schurer

 > Volcanic monsoon influence revealed from multi-proxy evidence [p.58-59]
C. Gao

 > On the AD 1815 Tambora eruption and the matter of misplaced tree rings [p.60-61]
S. St. George and K.J. Anchukaitis

 > Illuminating the volcanic signal in tree rings [p.62-63]
A.R. Stine, M.P. Tingley and P. Huybers

 > Siberian trees: Eyewitnesses to the volcanic event of AD 536 [p.64-65]
O.V. Churakova (Sidorova), M. Saurer, R.T.W. Siegwolf, M.V. Bryukhanova et al.

 > Potential impacts of historic volcanic eruptions on the contemporary global food system [p.66-67]
M.J. Puma, S. Chon and Y. Wada

 > Important research questions on volcanic eruptions and climate [p.68]
A. Robock

Workshop Reports

 > Lessons from Tambora [p.69]
 > Integrating records of aquatic change: existing evidence and missing data [p.70]
 > Global Soil and Sediment Transfers in the Anthropocene (GloSS) [p.71]
 > Large-scale climate variability in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and links to extra-polar climate [p.72]
 > Quantifying global sea level during warm periods [p.73]
 > Social-ecological dimensions of forest bark beetle disturbances: Past, present, and future [p.74]
 > Late Pleistocene and Holocene climatic variability in the Carpathian-Balkan region [p.75]
 > Quaternary fluvio-lacustrine environments and human settlements in West Africa [p.76]
 > Quaternary paleoecology: Reconstructing past environments [p.77]
 > Spatiotemporal distribution of temperature and hydroclimate proxy data in the Arctic [p.78]
 > Toward an Asian hydroclimate field reconstruction [p.79]
 > Climate variability and human impacts in Central and Eastern Europe [p.80]
 > Launching workshop of PAGES’ working group LandCover6k [p.81]

Program News

 > Pliocene climate variability over glacial-interglacial timescales (PlioVAR) working group [p.82]
 > New PAGES-PMIP working group on Quaternary Interglacials (QUIGS) [p.83]


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