25 (1): Decadal Climate Variability

Eds: Kushnir Y, Cassou C, St George S, Caltabiano N & von Gunten L

Past Global Changes Magazine, vol. 25(1), 1-75, 2017


Number of pages: 75

This joint issue of CLIVAR Exchanges and Past Global Changes Magazine aims to review ongoing research on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability, and address the progress made in understanding and resolving issues on this topic. It is an output from the CLIVAR-ICTP Workshop on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenge and Opportunity held in Trieste, Italy in 2015.

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> Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability [p.1]
Yochanan Kushnir, Christophe Cassou and Scott St George

Science Highlights

> An overview of decadal-scale sea surface temperature variability in the observational record [p.2-6]
Clara Deser and Adam Phillips

> Global impacts of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability during the boreal winter [p.7-13]
Yohan Ruprich-Robert and Rym Msadek

> Arctic sea ice seasonal-to-decadal variability and long-term change [p.14-19]
Dirk Notz

> Decadal climate variability and the global energy balance [p.20-24]
Richard P. Allan

> Toward predicting volcanically-forced decadal climate variability [p.25-31]
Davide Zanchettin, Francesco SR Pausata, Myriam Khodri, Claudia Timmreck, Hans Graf, et al.

> Towards the prediction of multi-year to decadal climate variability in the Southern Hemisphere [p.32-40]
Scott Power, Ramiro Saurral, Christine Chung, Rob Colman, Viatcheslav Kharin, et al.

> Initialization Shock in CCSM4 Decadal Prediction Experiments [p.41-46]
Haiyan Teng, Gerald A. Meehl, Grant Branstator, Stephen Yeager and Alicia Karspeck

> Internal and forced decadal variability: lessons from the past millennium [p.47-51]
Hugues Goosse, François Klein, Didier Swingedouw and Pablo Ortega

> Abrupt Northward Shift of SPCZ position in the late-1920s Indicates Coordinated Atlantic and Pacific ITCZ Change [p.52-56]
Braddock K Linsley, Robert B Dunbar, Donna Lee, Neil Tangri and Emilie Dassié

> Summer North Atlantic Oscillation (SNAO) variability on decadal to palaeoclimate time scales [p.57-60]
Hans W Linderholm and Chris K Folland

> A last millennium perspective on North Atlantic variability: exploiting synergies between models and proxy data [p.61-67]
Pablo Ortega, Jon Robson, Paola Moffa-Sanchez, David Thornalley and Didier Swingedouw

> Reconciling disparate views on decadal climate variability from proxies and models [p.68-70]
Toby R Ault

> The third phase of the PAGES 2k Network [p.71-74]
PAGES 2k Coordinators


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