13 (3): Climate Forcings

Eds: Masson-Delmotte V, Beer J, Cattle H & Kull C

PAGES news, vol. 13(3), 1-32, 2005


Joint Edition of the IGBP Past Global Changes Project (PAGES) News and the WCRP Climate Variability and Predictability Project (CLIVAR) Exchanges

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> CLIVAR/PAGES Intersection Panel: Understanding natural climate variability through integrating the climate dynamics and paleoclimate communities [p.2]
E. Jansen and A. Weaver

> Editorial [p.2-3]
J. Beer and V. Masson-Delmotte

Science Highlights

> Paleoreconstruction of volcanic history inferred from glacio-chemical ice core analyses [p.3-5]
E. Castellano, M. Severi, R. Traversi, S. Becagli and R. Udisti

> Secular variability and 200-year diploar oscillations in an atmospheric circulation over East Antarctica during the Holocene [p.5-7]
B. Delmonte, J.R. Petit and V. Maggi

> Climate response to major volcanic eruptions [p.8-10]
E. Fischer

> Radiative forcing and the ice core greenhouse gas record [p.11-13]
F. Joos

> Solar forcing of climate change: Current status [p.13-15]
J. Lean

> Aerosol effects on clouds and climate [p.15-17]
U. Lohmann

> Mineral dust records from Greenland ice cores [p.17-18]
U. Ruth

> A new insight into the climatic impact of volcanic explosion: A lesson from the sulfur stable isotopes [p.19-21]
J. Savarino

> Land-surface changes: feedbacks and climate forcing [p.21-22]
S. P. Harrison

> MedCLIVAR: Mediterranean CLImate VARiability and predictability project [p.23]
P. Lionello (SSG Chair) and P. Malanotte-Rizzoli, P. Alpert, V. Artale, R.Boscolo, R. Garcia-Herrera, C. Kull, L. Li, J. Luterbacher, T. Oguz, W. May, S. Planton, X. Rodo, A. Theocharis, R. Trigo, M. Tsimplis, U. Ulbrich (SSG members)

Program News

> News from CLIVAR [p.28]

Workshop Reports

> LOTRED-SA Long-Term climate REconstruction and Dynamics of (southern) South America: A collaborative, high-resolution multi-proxy approach [p.24]
> From the Holocene to the Anthropocene: Climate of the last 1,000 Years [p.25]
> PAGES 2nd Open Science Meeting - Beijing, China – 10-12 August 2005 [p.26]
> Report of the International Repeat Hydrography Workshop [p.28]
> Report on the 2nd International Workshop on Advances in the Use of Historical Marine Climate Data [p.29-30]
> Report of the CLIVAR/OOPC/GOOS/Argo/CPPS Workshop on the South Pacific [p.30]
> CLIVAR Atlantic Implementation Panel: 7th session [p.31]

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