14 (1): Ice Core Science

Eds: Fischer H, Kull C & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 14(1), 1-44, 2006


This issue of PAGES news gives an overview of the results of many of the major ongoing ice core projects, reaching spatially from the poles to the equator and temporally from recent climate variability to paleoclimatology over the last 800,000 years.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> Inside PAGES [p.3]

> Obituary - Nick Shackleton [p.5]
A. Berger


> Past, present and future ice core research [p.2]
H. Fischer

Science Highlights

> The NGT and PARCA shallow ice core arrays in Greenland: A brief overview [p.13-14]
J. R. McConnell S. Kipfstuhl and H. Fischer

> NGRIP ice core reveals detailed climatic history 123 kyrs back in time [p.15-16]
D. Dahl-Jensen

> Paleoenvironmental reconstruction from Alpine ice cores [p.16-18]
M. Schwikowski

> South American Andes: A unique area for ice core-based tropical paleoclimate reconstruction [p.19-20]
F. Vimeux and P.K. Ginot

> Dating ice cores [p.21-22]
J. Schwander

> Records from coastal ice cores [p.23-24]
V. Morgan

> The WAIS Divide ice core: Progress and plans [p.25-26]
J. Severinghaus

> International Trans Antarctic Scientific Expedition (ITASE) [p.26-28]
P.A. Mayewski

> A new 3000 m deep ice core drilled at Dome Fuji, Antarctica [p.28-29]
Y. Fujii

> Vostok Ice Core project [p.29-31]
V. Lipenkov on behalf of the Vostok Project Members

> European Project for Ice Coring in Antarctica (EPICA) [p.31-33]
E.Wolff on behalf of the EPICA Community

Open Science Highlights

> A 425-year precipitation history from documentary weather anomalies and climate records at Palermo, Italy [p.34-35]
N. Diodato

> Paleo sea-level changes in the Black Caspian Seas: Links to river runoff and global climate change [p.36-37]
A. Kislov and P. Toropov

> Quaternary climate change in south-eastern Arabia [p.38-39]
F. Preusser and D. Radies

Program News

> The future of ice coring: International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) [p.6-10]
> The sea-floor drill rig “MeBo”: Robotic retrieval of marine sediment cores [p.10]
> Relaunch of PAGES Databoard activities [p.11]

Workshop Reports

> 2nd Southern Deserts Conference: “Human-environment interactions in southern hemisphere deserts—past, present and future” [p.40]
> British-Russian workshop for young scientists: “Climate Change, the tree growth response, and reconstruction of climate” [p.41]
> Global climate during Marine Isotope Stage 11 (MIS 11) [p.42-43]


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