14 (2): U.S. Earth System History Science

Eds: Brigham-Grette J, Kull C & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 14(2), 1-44, 2006


The short articles presented in this issue of PAGES news were volunteered primarily by researchers funded by the US NSF's Earth System History (ESH) program. They represent a small cross-section of the range of science address by the cross-disciplinary ESH initiative.

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> Inside PAGES [p.3]


> U.S. Earth System History Program in Transition [p.2]
J. Brigham-Grette

Science Highlights

> Climate-related changes in export production off the Pacific coast of Mexico during the last deglaciation [p.6-7]
R.F. Anderson, M.Q. Fleisher and P.W. Kubik

> Is there a pervasive Holocene ice-rafted debris (IRD) signal in the northern North Atlantic? The answer appears to be either no, or it depends on the proxy! [p.7-9]
J.T. Andrews, A.E. Jennings, M. Moros, C. Hillaire-Marcel and D. Eberl

> Progress in the study of Asian Monsoon climate dynamics using dendrochronology [p.10-11]
B.M. Buckley, R.D. D’arrigo, E.R. Cook, G.C. Jacoby and W.E. Wright

> Solar forcing of the tropical Pacific climate and impacts over North America for the last millennium [p.12-14]
A.C. Clement, J.N Emile-Geay, R. Seager, M. Cane and M.N. Evans

> The mystery interval 17.5 to 14.5 kyrs ago [p.14-16]
G.H. Denton, W.S. Broecker and R.B. Alley

> Delayed onset of the South American Summer Monsoon during the Last Glacial Maximum [p.17-18]
K.H. Cook and E.K. Vizy

> Large lake drilling projects supported by U.S. National Science Foundation Earth Systems History Program [p.19-20]
S. Fritz, T. Johnson, P. Baker, S. Colman, W. Dean and J. Peck

> Oak growth in Midwestern North America linked with post glacial climate epochs in the North Atlantic [p.21-22]
R.P. Guyette, M.C. Stambaugh, A. Lupo, R.-M. Muzika and D.C. Dey

> Consolidating high- and low-resolution information from different sources into a Northern Hemisphere climate reconstruction [p.22-24]
S. Huang

> Can models of abrupt climate change be tested from sea level reconstructions? [p.24-26]
C. Jackson, Y. Liu and O. Marchal

> Late Holocene hydrological variability in ombrotrophic peatlands of eastern North America [p.26-28]
S.T. Jackson, R.K. Booth, Y. Huang, E.G. Pendall, J.E. Nichols, T.A. Minckley and M. Taylor

Open Science Highlights

> San Valentin glacier ice core (Chilean Patagonia) – Filling the gap between Central Andes and Antarctica [p.29-30]
P. Ginot, F. Vimeux, M. De Angelis and O. Magand

> Sediment, pollen and isotope evidence for an Early to Mid-Holocene humid period in the desert of Yemen [p.30-32]
A.-M. Lézine, C. Robert, J.-F. Saliège and J.-J. Tiercelin

> A better climate for human evolution [p.32-34]
M.H. Trauth, M.A. Maslin, A. Deino and M.R. Strecker

> Surface temperature reconstructions for the last 2000 years [p.34-36]
G.R. North and I. Kraucunas

Program News

> DAYACLIM: A northern Sahara desert climate change project [p.4]

Workshop Reports

> The HOLIVAR Open Science Meeting [p.37-38]
> PAGES/CLIVAR workshop on past millennia climate variability – synthesis and outlook [p.38-39]
> ICDP workshop PASADO: Deep drilling at Laguna Potrok Aike, a maar lake in southern Argentina [p.39-40]
> Climate change: A multi-dimensional challenge [p.40-41]
> New trends in Geomorphology – systems-based understanding of long term man-landscape interactions [p.41-42]
> Linkage between marine and terrestrial processes during past rapid climatic changes [p.42-43]
> Monitoring Indonesian throughflow variability: Challenges and perspectives [p.43]

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