14 (3): 14C-Chronology

Eds: Hajdas I, Kull C & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 14(3), 1-32, 2006


In this issue of PAGES news, nine contributions present overview and progress reports on new developments in 14C dating methods and applications

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> 14C-Chronology [p.2]
I. Hajdas

Science Highlights

> Cosmogenic isotope 14C: Production and carbon cycle [p.6-7]
K. Hughen

> Assuring measurement quality: The international 14C laboratory inter-comparison program [p.7-9]
E.M. Scott

> IntCal and the future of radiocarbon calibration [p.9-10]
P.J. Reimer, E. Bard, C. Buck, T.P. Guilderson, A. Hogg, K. Hughen, B. Kromer, R. Reimer, J. Southon, C.S.M. Turney, J. van der Plicht, C.E. Weyhenmeyer and C.B. Ramsey

> The potential for extending Intcal04 using OIS-3 New Zealand sub-fossil Kauri [p.11-12]
A.G. Hogg, C.S.M. Turney, J.G. Palmer, L.L.K. Fifield and M.G.L. Baillie

> Marine reservoir corrections and the calibration curve [p.12-13]
R.W. Reimer and P.J. Reimer

> New approaches to constructing age models: OxCal4 [p.14-15]
C. Bronk Ramsey

> 21st century suck-in or smear: Testing the timing of events between archives [p.15-16]
M. Blaauw, J. Andrés Christen, D. Mauquoy, J. van der Plicht and K.D. Bennett

> High-resolution radiocarbon chronologies and synchronization of records [p.17-18]
I. Hajdas, D. Lowe and R. Newnham

> Marine 14C reservoir ages oscillate [p.18-19]
P.M. Grootes and M. Sarnthein

Open Science Highlights

> Are insolation and sunspot activity the primary drivers of Holocene glacier fluctuations? [p.20-21]
J. Koch and J.J. Clague

> Holocene trends in tropical Pacific sea surface temperatures and the El Niño-Southern Oscillation [p.22-23]
A. Koutavas, P.B. Demenocal and J. Lynch-Stieglitz

> Long-term climatic variations in central Asia and the deVries solar cycle [p.24-25]
O. Raspopov, V. Dergachev, J. Esper and T. Kolström

Program News

> The Millennium project: European climate of the last millennium [p.4]
> Paleoenvironments in south India: Monsoon records from rainfed reservoirs [p.5]

Workshop Reports

> Regional climate variations in south America over the late Holocene [p.26]
> Past hurricanes [p.27]
> The 8.2kyr event [p.28-29]
> IGBP-SCOR Workshop: Ocean acidification — modern observations and past experiences [p.29-30]
> Reconstruction of past Mediterranean climate: Unexplored sources of high resolution data in historic time [p.31]

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