15 (1): Past Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions

Eds: Dearing J, Cromer L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 15(1), 1-32, 2007


This issue’s special section launches the new PAGES Focus 4 - Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions which has evolved from the former “Focus 5”. It ventures beyond paleoclimate reconstruction to ask questions about how climate, ecosystems and human activities have interacted in the past, and how this knowledge can provide information about the functioning of modern environmental systems.

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Individual Newsletter Articles


> Inside PAGES [p.3]


> Past Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions [p.2]
J. Dearing

Science Highlights

> The desiccation of southern Africa’s Okavango Delta:Periodic fluctuation or long-term trend? [p.12-13]
H. Hamandawana

> Sensitivity of wetlands and water resources in southeastern Australia to climate and catchment change [p.13-15]
P. Gell, R. Jones and A. MacGregor

> The rise and fall of atmospheric pollution: The paleolimnological perspective [p.15-16]
N. Rose

> Reconstructing Holocene land-use change and sediment budgets in the Rhine system [p.17-18]
P. Houben, P. Burggraaff, T. Hoffmann, K. Kleefeld, A. Zimmermann and R. Dikau

> Global and regional reconstruction of Holocene vegetation, fire and land-use [p.19-21]
R.H.W. Bradshaw and J. Boyle

> The challenge of reconstructing human impact on large river systems [p.21-23]
T. Hoffmann, A. Lang and R. Dikau

> A meta-database for recent paleolimnological studies [p.23-24]
R.W. Battarbee, D. Morley, H. Bennion and G.L. Simpson

Open Science Highlights

> MIS 11 rocks! The “smoking gun” of a catastrophic +20 m eustatic sea-level rise [p.25-26]
P.J. Hearty

Program News

> IMAGES - The hydrological cycle and ocean temperatures: A paleo-perspective [p.6-7]
> RESOLuTION - Rapid climatic and environmental shifts during Oxygen Isotope Stages 2 and 3 - linking highresolution terrestrial, ice core and marine archives [p.7-8]
> Past Human-Climate-Ecosystem Interactions (PHAROS) [p.8-10]
> Integrated History and future Of People on Earth (IHOPE) [p.10-11]

Workshop Reports

> Establishing a northern Eurasian paleoecological database [p.27-28]
> First Central African PAGES Workshop [p.28]
> Maritime Connectivity Symposium [p.29]
> Circum-Iberia paleoceanography and paleoclimate [p.30-31]
> Salinity, climate change and salinization [p.31]

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