16 (1): Paleoceanography

Eds: Kienast M, Lynch-Stieglitz J, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 16(1), 1-44, 2008


This issue highlights recent advances in paleoceanography. Many of these studies were presented in one form or another at the 9th International Conference on Paleoceanography (ICP9), which took place in September 2007 in Shanghai, China.

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> Inside PAGES [p.3]


> Paleoceanography [p.2]
M. Kienast and J. Lynch-Stieglitz

Science Highlights

> Carbon burp and transient global warming during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum [p.9-11]
A. Sluijs

> Pleistocene records of marine carbonate chemistry [p.11-12]
B. Hönisch, J. Yu and N.G. Hemming

> An increase in the ventilation of the abyssal North Pacific Ocean at the end of the last ice age [p.13-14]
E.D. Galbraith and S.L. Jaccard

> Convincing evidence for rapid ice sheet growth during the last glacial period [p.15-16]
M. Siddall, E.J. Rohling and H.W. Arz

> Control of West African monsoon precipitation: Insights from the past [p.17-18]
S. Weldeab

> East-West seesaw of SST variation in the mid-latitude North Pacific during the last two glacial cycles [p.19-20]
M. Yamamoto and T. Oba

> Last glacial SST changes in the SE Pacific—a bipolar seesaw perspective [p.20-22]
J. Kaiser and F. Lamy

> North Atlantic salinity oscillations linked to atmospheric and ocean circulation changes over the last glacial cycle [p.23-25]
M. Schmidt and H. Spero

> The bipolar seesaw on the Iberian margin stretching over the past 420,000 years [p.25-27]
J.O. Grimalt and B. Martrat

> Prospects for reconstructing the Atlantic meridional overturning from cross-basin density estimates [p.28-29]
J. Lynch-Stieglitz, J. Hirschi, O. Marchal and U. Ninnemann

> Reconstructing changes in the meridional overturning circulation using sedimentary 231Pa/230Th ratios [p.30-31]
J. Gherardi, J.F. McManus, R. Francois and L. Labeyrie

> Deep-ocean flow-speed changes linked to the NAO through Labrador Sea convection [p.32-33]
K. P. Boessenkool, I.R. Hall, H. Elderfield and I. Yashayaev

Program News

> The Paleoclimate Reconstruction Challenge [p.4]
> BIPOMAC (Bipolar Climate Machinery) [p.5]
> IMAGES [p.8]

Workshop Reports

> The future ocean: Perspectives from the past — A tribute to Professor Sir Nicholas Shackleton [p.34]
> PAGES-IMAGES-NSF Workshop: Intra- and interhemispheric variability of SST and the hydrological cycle over the last 4 Myr [p.35-36]
> 3rd Alexander von Humboldt International Conference: East Asian Monsoon, past, present and future [p.36-37]
> International Workshop on Methods in Quaternary Paleoecology [p.38]
> Fire in the Earth System: The Global Palaeofire Working Group [p.39-40]
> Mangrove paleoecology and environmental change [p.40-41]
> International workshop on environmental changes and sustainable development in arid and semi-arid regions [p.41-42]
> First Asian dendrochronology conference and workshop: Environmental change and human activity [p.42-43]

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