16 (3): Advances in Speleothem Research

Eds: Fleitmann D, Spötl C, Newman L & Kiefer T

PAGES news, vol. 16(3), 1-40, 2008


This PAGES newsletter focuses on several important aspects of speleothem-based paleoclimate research ranging from cave monitoring and studies of established and novel geochemical and physical proxy indicators, to dating issues and the development of long time series.

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> Inside PAGES [p.3]


> Advances in Speleothem Research [p.2]
D. Fleitmann and C. Spötl

Science Highlights

> Climate variability recorded in tropical and sub-tropical speleothems [p.9-10]
J.W. Partin, K.M. Cobb and J.L. Banner

> Paleotemperature reconstruction using noble gas concentrations in speleothem fluid inclusions [p.10-12]
Y. Scheidegger, T. Kluge, R. Kipfer, W. Aeschbach-Hertig and R. Wieler

> Paleotemperatures from fluid inclusion liquid-vapor homogenization in speleothems [p.13-14]
Y. Krüger, D. Fleitmann and M. Frenz

> Cave monitoring and calibration of a δ18O–climate transfer function for a Gibraltar speleothem [p.15-17]
D. Mattey, J.P. Latin and M. Ainsworth

> Understanding climate proxies in southwest-Australian speleothems [p.17-19]
P.C. Treble, I.J. Fairchild and M.J. Fischer

> Temperature and precipitation records from stalagmites grown under disequilibrium conditions: A first approach [p.19-20]
C. Mühlinghaus, D. Scholz and A. Mangini

> The origin of lamination in stalagmites from Katerloch Cave, Austria: Towards a seasonality proxy [p.21-22]
R. Boch and C. Spötl

> Precipitation records of the last century reconstructed from annual growth-rate parameters of two Ethiopian stalagmites [p.22-24]
A. Asrat and A. Baker

> The use of stalagmite geochemistry to detect past volcanic eruptions and their environmental impacts [p.25-26]
S. Frisia, S. Badertscher, A. Borsato, J. Susini, O.M. Göktürk, H. Cheng, R.L. Edwards, J. Kramers, O. Tüysüz and D. Fleitmann

> Monitoring environmental pollution using a stalagmite from Hungary [p.27-28]
Z. Siklósy, A. Demény, S. Pilet, Sz. Leel-Ossy, K. Lin and C.C. Shen

> Timing of the 8.2-kyr event in a stalagmite from Northern Oman [p.29-30]
H. Cheng, D. Fleitmann, R.L. Edwards, S.J. Burns and A. Matter

> Millennial-scale climate variability recorded in Brazilian speleothems [p.31-32]
X. Wang, F.W. Cruz, A.S. Auler, H. Cheng and R.L. Edwards

Open Science Highlights

> Absolute chronologies from the ocean: Records from the longest-lived, non-colonial animals on Earth [p.4-6]
A.D. Wanamaker Jr, J.D. Scourse, C.A. Richardson, P.G. Butler, D.J. Reynolds and I. Ridgeway

> On the abyssal circulation in the Atlantic basin at the Last Glacial Maximum [p.6-8]
O. Marchal and W. Curry

Workshop Reports

> Climate Change: The Karst Record (KR5) [p.33]
> Establishing a Northern Eurasian paleoecological database: The pollen data [p.34]
> International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) Steering Committee meeting [p.35]
> ESF EuroCLIMATE Spring School: Late Quaternary timescales and chronology [p.36-37]
> A new PAGES Working Group: Arctic2k - Arctic climate during the last 2 millennia [p.37-38]


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