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PowerPoint slides covering various aspects of past global change science for educational and informational use.

Note: PowerPoint slides for all of the figures in PAGES Magazine are also available for download. See the relevant issue here. These figures can be used freely provided they are properly cited and the authors also agree. Original source data used in the figure should also be mentioned in the caption.

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Climate change during the last glacial cycle
PowerPoint slides
Sirocko et al. 2005
Past Global Changes and their Significance for the Future: PAGES 1st Open Science Meeting (PPT slides)
PowerPoint slides
Quaternary Science Reviews 2000
The Luochuan Loess sequence in China
PowerPoint slides
Rousseau DD & Kukla G 2002
Simulating Arctic climate warmth and icefield retreat in the last integlaciation
PowerPoint slides
Otto-Bliesner et al. 2006
Rapid Climate Change - Central Greenland Climate
PowerPoint slides
Alley R et al. 1993
Total area of ice on Kilimanjaro
PowerPoint slides
Thompson LG & Alverson K et al. 2001
Southern Hemisphere: Palaeontological LGM sea-ice cover summary
PowerPoint slides
Schulmeister et al. 2004
Antarctic ice core records: Vostok and EPICA CO2, CH4, and delta D ice
PowerPoint slides
Petit et al.; Siegenthaler et al.; Spahni et al. & EPICA community members... 2005
North Atlantic Oscillation recorded in Greenland ice cores
PowerPoint slides
Appenzeller et al. 1998
Atmospheric CO2 concentration: Last Glacial Maximum to present
PowerPoint slides
University of Bern Physics Institute 2002
Paleoclimate modeling - Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project (PMIP)
PowerPoint slides
Joussaume S, Taylor K et al. 1998
ENSO Reconstruction: Holocene evolution in the Eastern Pacific
PowerPoint slides
Gagan et al. 2004
CO2 record from Taylor Dome Antarctica
PowerPoint slides
Indermühle et al. 1999
Widespread rapid event 8200 years ago
PowerPoint slides
von Graffenstein et al. 1998
Climate-driven ecosystem succession in the Sahara: The past 6000 years
PowerPoint slides
Kröpelin et al. 2008
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