The Fire-Human-Climate-Vegetation Nexus

Eds: Vannière B & Power M

Quaternary International, vol. 488, 2018

Number of pages: 1-120

In this special issue, PAGES' GPWG2 working group present nine original manuscripts focusing on paleofire studies that contribute to our understanding of natural and anthropogenic causes of fire through time. It is global in scope, with manuscripts that explore local-to-regional fire histories from five continents: Africa (Kenya), Asia (China), Europe (Romania and Ireland), Southern America (Bolivia) and Northern America (western Canada and the U.S. Rocky Mountains).

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The Fire-Human-Climate-Vegetation Nexus: the role of fire shaping past and present landscapes [p.1-2]
Power MJ & Vannière B

Global Modern Charcoal Dataset (GMCD): A tool for exploring proxy-fire linkages and spatial patterns of biomass burning [p.3-17]
Hawthorne D, Courtney Mustaphi CJ, Aleman JC, Blarquez O, Colombaroli D, Daniau A-L, Marlon JR, Power M, Vannière B, Han Y, Hantson S, Kehrwald N, Magi B, Yue X, Carcaillet C, Marchant R, Ogunkoya A, Githumbi EN & Muriuki RM

The linkages with fires, vegetation composition and human activity in response to climate changes in the Chinese Loess Plateau during the Holocene [p.18-29]
Tan Z, Han Y, Cao J, Huang CC, Mao L, Liu Z & An Z

Holocene fire and forest histories in relation to climate change and agriculture development in southeastern China [p.30-40]
Ma T, Zheng Z, Man M, Dong X, Li J & Huang K

Exploring the influence of local controls on fire activity using multiple charcoal records from northern Romanian Carpathians [p.41-57]
Florescu G, Vannière B & Feurdean A

Investigating patterns of wildfire in Ireland and their correlation with regional and global trends in fire history [p.58-66]
Hawthorne D & Mitchell FJG

Determinants of savanna-fire dynamics in the eastern Lake Victoria catchment (western Kenya) during the last 1200 years [p.67-80]
Colombaroli D, van der Plas G, Rucina S & Verschuren D

Reassessing climate and pre-Columbian drivers of paleofire activity in the Bolivian Amazon [p.81-94]
Maezumi SY, Whitney BS, Mayle FE, de Souza JG & Iriarte J

Forest vegetation change and disturbance interactions over the past 7500 years at Sasquatch Lake, Columbia Mountains, western Canada [p.95-106]
Courtney Mustaphi CJ & Pisaric MFJ

A 1,500-year synthesis of wildfire activity stratified by elevation from the U.S. Rocky Mountains [p.107-119]
Carter VA, Power MJ, Lundeen ZJ, Morris JL, Petersen KL, Brunelle A, Anderson RS, Shinker JJ, Turney L, Koll R & Bartlein PJ


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