Speleothem Records and Climate

Eds: Harrison SP & Comas-Bru L

Quaternary, 2019

This Special Issue is a product of PAGES' SISAL working group.

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Special Issue papers

> SISAL: Bringing Added Value to Speleothem Research

> The Potential of Speleothems from Western Europe as Recorders of Regional Climate: A Critical Assessment of the SISAL Database

> The Indian Summer Monsoon from a Speleothem δ18O Perspective—A Review

> A Window into Africa’s Past Hydroclimates: The SISAL_v1 Database Contribution

> Speleothem Paleoclimatology for the Caribbean, Central America, and North America

> Late Quaternary Variations in the South American Monsoon System as Inferred by Speleothems—New Perspectives using the SISAL Database


Expected papers

Burstyn et al. (2019, under review). Speleothems from the Middle East: An Example of Water Limited Environments in the SISAL Database. https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/201902.0063/v1

Kern Z. et al. (2019, under review). Speleothem Stable Isotope Records from Eastern Europe & Turkey. https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/201812.0038/v1

Lorrey D. et al. (2019, submitted). Late Quaternary climate variability and change from New Zealand speleothems: contributions to the SISAL database and progress toward master isotope record construction.

Zhang H. et al. (2019, submitted). The Asian summer monsoon: teleconnections and forcing mechanisms — A Review from Speleothem δ18O records.



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