Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience: From Local to Continental Perspective

Eds: Mîndrescu M

Quaternary International, vol. 504, 1-228, 2019

This special issue of 19 articles is an output of the PAGES-supported meeting "Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience Symposium: From Local to Global" held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in May 2016.

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> Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience: From Local to Continental Perspective [p.1-4]
Mîndrescu M

> Fluvial terrace formation and controls in the Lower River Danube, SE Romania [p.5-23]
Armaş I, Necea D & Miclăuş C

> Late Pleistocene climate of Poland in the mid-European context [p.24-39]
Marks L, Makos M, Szymanek M, Woronko B, Dzierżek J & Majecka A

> High-resolution proxy record of the environmental response to climatic variations during transition MIS3/MIS2 and MIS2 in Central Europe: The loess-paleosol sequence of Katymár brickyard (Hungary) [p.40-55]
Sümegi P, Molnár D, Gulyás S, Náfrádi K, Sümegia BP, Törőcsik T, Persaits G, Molnár M, Vandenberghe J & Zhou L

> Dagmar Cave (Czech Republic, Moravian Karst), a unique palaeontological site of the Cromerian Interglacial [p.56-69]
Musil R, Děkanovský O, Ivanov M, Doláková N, Mrázek J, Juřičková L & Lundberg J

> A 7000-year pollen and plant macrofossil record from the Mid-Russian Upland, European Russia: Vegetation history and human impact [p.70-79]
Novenko EY, Zyuganova IS, Volkova EM & Dyuzhova KV

> Middle Bronze Age humidity and temperature variations, and societal changes in East-Central Europe [p.80-95]
Demény A, Kern Z, Czuppon G, Németh A, Schöll-Barna G, Siklósy Z, Leél-Őssy SZ, Cook G, Serlegi G, Bajnóczi B, Sümegi P, Király A, Kiss V, Kulcsár G & Bondár M

> Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental changes recorded in deposits of the Bukovynka Cave (the East-Carpathian foreland, Ukraine) [p.96-107]
Gerasimenko N, Ridush B & Avdeyenko Y

> Radiocarbon dated malacological records of two Late Pleistocene loess-paleosol sequences from SW-Hungary: Paleoecological inferences [p.108-117]
Molnár D, Sümegi P, Fekete I, Makó L &  Sümegi BP

> Late Holocene vegetation dynamics and human impact in the catchment basin of the Upper Oka River (Mid-Russian Uplands): A case study from the Orlovskoye Polesye National Park [p.118-127]
Rudenko OV, Volkova EM, Babeshko KV, Tsyganov AN, Mazei YA, Novenko EY

> Phytolith evidence of cereal processing in the Danube Delta during the Chalcolithic period [p.128-138]
Danu M, Messager E, Carozza J-M, Carozza L, Bouby L, Philibert S, Anderson P, Burens A & Micu C

> Neolithic to modern period palaeogeographic transformations in southern Danube delta and their impact on human settlements in the Enisala-Babadag region [p.139-152]
Preoteasa L, Vespremeanu-Stroe A, Panaiotu C, Rotaru S, Țuțuianu L, Sava T, Bîrzescu I, Dimofte D, Sava G, Mirea DA & Ailincăi S

> Small glaciers in Pirin (Bulgaria) and Durmitor (Montenegro) as glacio-karstic features. Similarities and differences in their recent behaviour [p.153-170]
Gachev E & Mitkov

> Climate change effect on groundwater resources in South East Europe during 21st century [p.171-180]
Nistor M-M

> Twentieth-century hydromorphological degradation of Polish Carpathian rivers [p.181-194]
Hajdukiewicz H, Wyżga B & Zawiejska J

> The cyclical nature of hydrological regime of a mountain and upland river in the upper Vistula catchment in the multi-year period of 1984–2012: A potential tool for paleohydrology analysis [p.195-201]
Wałęga A, Malik N, Radecki-Pawlik A & Plesiński K

> Mid-Pleistocene and Holocene demographic fluctuation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in the Carpathian Mountains and the Pannonian Basin: Signs of historical expansions and contractions [p.202-213]
Tóth EG, Bede-Fazekas A, Vendramin GG, Bagnoli F & Höhn M

> Climate change effect on groundwater resources in Emilia-Romagna region: An improved assessment through NISTOR-CEGW method [p.214-228]
Nistor M-M & Mîndrescu M


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