International methods and comparisons in climate reconstruction and impacts from archives of societies

Eds: White S, Pei Q, Kiss A, Brazdil R, Bauch M, Huhtamaa H & Camenisch C

Climate of the Past, 2021

The special issue from the PAGES CRIAS working group aims to promote communication among researchers in historical climatology in different world regions by clarifying and comparing approaches.

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Accepted papers

> Evaluating the utility of qualitative personal diaries in precipitation reconstruction in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
Alice Harvey-Fishenden and Neil Macdonald

> Synthetic weather diaries: concept and application to Swiss weather in 1816
Stefan Brönnimann

> Climate records in ancient Chinese diaries and their application in historical climate reconstruction – a case study of Yunshan Diary
Siying Chen, Yun Su, Xiuqi Fang, and Jia He


Planned papers

> Building a long-time series for weather and extreme weather in the Straits Settlements: a multi-disciplinary approach to the archives of societies
Fiona Williamson

> Climate indices in historical climate reconstructions: A global state-of-the-art
David J. Nash, George C. D. Adamson, Linden Ashcroft, Martin Bauch, Chantal Camenisch, Dagomar Degroot, Joelle Gergis, Adrian Jusopović, Thomas Labbé, Kuan-Hui Elaine Lin, Sharon D. Nicholson, Qing Pei, María del Rosario Prieto, Ursula Rack, Facundo Rojas, and Sam White

> How could phenological records from the Chinese poems of the Tang and Song Dynasties (618–1260 AD) be reliable evidence of past climate changes?
Yachen Liu, Xiuqi Fang, Junhu Dai, Huanjiong Wang, and Zexing Tao

> Climate-driven desertification triggered the end of the Ancient Silk Road
Guanghui Dong, Leibin Wang, David Dian Zhang, Fengwen Liu, Yifu Cui, Guoqiang Li, Zhilin Shi, and Fahu Chen

> Enjoying the ice. Dutch Winter landscapes, weather and climate in the Golden Age, 17th century
Alexis Metzger


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