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Greenland ice core evidence of the 79 AD Vesuvius eruption
Special issue articles
Barbante C, Kehrwald NM, Marianelli P, Vinther BM, Steffensen JP, Cozzi G, Hammer CU, Clausen HB & S... Climate of the Past 2013
Greenland ice sheet contribution to sea level rise during the last interglacial period: a modelling study driven and constrained by ice core data
Special issue articles
Quiquet A, Ritz C, Punge HJ & Salas y Mélia D Climate of the Past 2013
Where to find 1.5 million yr old ice for the IPICS "Oldest-Ice" ice core
Special issue articles
Fischer H, Severinghaus J, Brook E, Wolff E, Albert M, Alemany O, Arthern R, Bentley C, Blankenship ... Climate of the Past 2013
High-resolution glacial and deglacial record of atmospheric methane by continuous-flow and laser spectrometer analysis along the NEEM ice core
Special issue articles
Chappellaz J, Stowasser C, Blunier T, Baslev-Clausen D, Brook EJ, Dallmayr R, Faïn X, Lee JE, Mitche... Climate of the Past 2013
Accumulation reconstruction and water isotope analysis for 1736–1997 of an ice core from the Ushkovsky volcano, Kamchatka, and their relationships to North Pacific climate records
Special issue articles
Sato T, Shiraiwa T, Greve R, Seddik H, Edelmann E & Zwinger T... Climate of the Past 2014
High resolution measurements of carbon monoxide along a late Holocene Greenland ice core: evidence for in situ production
Special issue articles
Faïn X, Chappellaz J, Rhodes RH, Stowasser C, Blunier T, McConnell JR, Brook EJ, Preunkert S, Legran... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
Biological proxies recorded in a Belukha ice core, Russian Altai
Special issue articles
Papina T, Blyakharchuk T, Eichler A, Malygina N, Mitrofanova E & Schwikowski M... Climate of the Past 2013
Uncertainties in the modelled CO2 threshold for Antarctic glaciation
Special issue articles
Gasson E, Lunt DJ, DeConto R, Goldner A, Heinemann M, Huber M, LeGrande AN, Pollard D, Sagoo N, Sidd... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
Hydrographic changes in the Agulhas Recirculation Region during the late Quaternary
Special issue articles
Naik DK, Saraswat R, Khare N, Pandey AC, and Nigam R... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
Using ice-flow models to evaluate potential sites of million year-old ice in Antarctica
Special issue articles
Van Liefferinge B & Pattyn F Climate of the Past 2013
Late Glacial–Holocene climatic transition record at the Argentinian Andean piedmont between 33 and 34° S
Special issue articles
Mehl AE & Zárate MA Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
A new Himalayan ice core CH4 record: possible hints at the preindustrial latitudinal gradient
Special issue articles
Hou S, Chappellaz J, Raynaud D, Masson-Delmotte V, Jouzel J, Bousquet P & Hauglustaine D... Climate of the Past 2013
Treeline dynamics with climate change at the central Nepal Himalaya
Special issue articles
Gaire NP, Koirala M, Bhuju DR & Borgaonkar HP Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
Why could ice ages be unpredictable?
Special issue articles
Crucifix M Climate of the Past 2013
Environmental and climatic changes in central Chilean Patagonia since the Late Glacial (Mallín El Embudo, 44° S)
Special issue articles
de Porras ME, Maldonado A, Quintana FA, Martel-Cea A, Reyes O & Méndez C... Climate of the Past: Special Issue 2014
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