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14 kyr of atmospheric mineral dust deposition in north-eastern China: A record of palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental changes in the Chinese dust source regions
Special issue articles
Pratte S, Bao K, Sapkota A, Zhang W, Shen J, Le Roux G & De Vleeschouwer F... The Holocene 2020
15,000-yr pollen record of vegetation change in the high altitude tropical Andes at Laguna Verde Alta, Venezuela
Special issue articles
Rull V, Abbott MB, Polissar PJ, Wolfe AP, Bezada M & Bradley RS... Quaternary Research 2005
19th century glacier representations and fluctuations in the central and western European Alps: An interdisciplinary approach
Special issue articles
Zumbühl HJ, Steiner D & Nussbaumer SU Global and Planetary Change 2008
20th-century glacier recession and regional hydroclimatic changes in northwestern Patagonia
Special issue articles
Masiokas MH, Villalba R, Luckman BH, Lascano ME, Delgado S & Stepanek P... Global and Planetary Change 2008
230Th/234U dating of Holocene tufas: possibilities and problems
Special issue articles
Garnett ER, Gilmour MA, Rowe PJ, Andrews JE & Preece RC... Quaternary Science Reviews 2004
230Th/U-dating of a late Holocene low uranium speleothem from Cuba
Special issue articles
Fensterer C, Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Mangini A & Pajón JM... IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science... 2010
300 years of hydrological records and societal responses to droughts and floods on the Pacific coast of Central America
Special issue articles
Guevara-Murua A, Williams CA, Hendy EJ & Imbach P Climate of the Past 2018
90,000-year phytolith record from tephra section at the northeastern rim of Aso caldera, Japan
Special issue articles
Miyabuchi Y & Sugiyama S Quaternary International 2011
A 1,500-year synthesis of wildfire activity stratified by elevation from the U.S. Rocky Mountains
Special issue articles
Carter VA, Power MJ, Lundeen ZJ, Morris JL, Petersen KL, Brunelle A, Anderson RS, Shinker JJ, Turney... Quaternary International 2018
A 108.83-m ice-core record of atmospheric dust deposition at Mt. Qomolangma (Everest), Central Himalaya
Special issue articles
Xu J, Hou S, Qin D, Kaspari S, Mayewski PA, Petit JR, Delmonte B, Kang S, Ren J, Chappellaz J & Hong... Quaternary Research 2010
A 13,600-Year Diatom Oxygen Isotope Record from the South Carpathians (Romania)
Special issue articles
Magyari EK, Demény A, Buczkó K, Kern Z, Vennemann T, Fórizs I, Vincze I, Braun M, Kovács JI, Udvardi... Quaternary International 2013
A 2000 year midge-based paleotemperature reconstruction from the Canadian Arctic archipelago
Special issue articles
Porinchu DF, MacDonald GM & Rolland N Journal of Paleolimnology 2009
A 2000 year record of climate variations reconstructed from Haukadalsvatn, West Iceland
Special issue articles
Geirsdóttir A, Miller GH, Thordarson T & Ólafsdóttir KB... Journal of Paleolimnology 2009
A 2000 year record of climatic change at Ongoke Lake, southwest Alaska
Special issue articles
Chipman ML, Clarke GH, Clegg BF, Gregory-Eaves I & Hu FS... Journal of Paleolimnology 2009
A 2000 year record of palaeofloods in a volcanically-reset catchment: Whanganui River, New Zealand
Special issue articles
Fuller IC, Macklin MG, Toonen WHJ, Turner J & Norton K... Global and Planetary Change 2019
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