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Late Quaternary sediment facies in Prydz Bay, East Antarctica and their relationship to glacial advance onto the continental shelf
Special issue articles
Domack E, O'Brien P, Harris P, Taylor F, Quilty PG, Santis LD & Raker B... Antarctic Science 1998
A Late Holocene desiccation of Lake Hoare and Lake Fryxell, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Special issue articles
Lyons WB, Tyler SW, Wharton RA, McKnight DM & Vaughn BH... Antarctic Science 1998
Abandoned penguin colonies and environmental change in the Palmer Station area, Anvers Island, Antarctic Peninsula
Special issue articles
Emslie SD, Fraser W, Smith RC & Walker W Antarctic Science 1998
Record of Holocene glacial oscillations in Bransfield Basin as revealed by siliceous microfossil assemblages
Special issue articles
Bárcena MA, Gersonde R, Ledesma S, Fabrés J, Calafat AM, Canals M, Sierro FJ & Flores JA... Antarctic Science 1998
Glacial–interglacial deposition on a sediment drift on the Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula
Special issue articles
Pudsey CJ & Camerlenghi A Antarctic Science 1998
Glacial and marine geological evidence for the ice sheet configuration in the Weddell Sea–Antarctic Peninsula region during the Last Glacial Maximum
Special issue articles
Bentley MJ & Anderson JB Antarctic Science 1998
Antarctic glacial history since the Last Glacial Maximum: an overview of the record on land
Special issue articles
Ingólfsson Ó, Hjort C, Berkman PA, Björck S, Colhoun E, Goodwin ID, Hall B, Hirakawa K, Melles M, Mö... Antarctic Science 1998
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