Special issues

Special issues (and all of the articles) emerging from PAGES groups, projects, or meetings. Only special issues acknowleding PAGES or the Working Group are listed.

Special issues emerging from PAGES activities.
Individual articles within the special issues.
Name Author Journal Year Image
A 23,000-yr pollen record from Lake Euramoo, Wet Tropics of NE Queensland, Australia
Special issue articles
Haberle SG Quaternary Research 2005
A 250 year comparison of historical, macrofossil and pollen records of aquatic plants in a shallow lake
Special issue articles
Davidson TA, Sayer CD, Bennion H, David C, Rose N & Wade MP... Freshwater Biology 2005
A 600-ka Arctic sea-ice record from Mendeleev Ridge based on ostracodes
Special issue articles
Cronin TM, Polyak L, Reed D, Kandiano ES, Marzen RE & Council EA... Quaternary Science Reviews 2013
A 7000-year pollen and plant macrofossil record from the Mid-Russian Upland, European Russia: Vegetation history and human impact
Special issue articles
Quaternary International 2019
A 7400-year tree-ring chronology in northern Swedish Lapland: natural climatic variability expressed on annual to millennial timescales
Special issue articles
Grudd H, Briffa KR, Karlén W, Bartholin TS, Jones PD & Kromer B... The Holocene 2002
A bimillennial-length tree-ring reconstruction of precipitation for the Tavaputs Plateau, Northeastern Utah
Special issue articles
Knight TA, Meko DM & Baisan CH Quaternary Research 2010
A brief consideration of climate forcing factors in view of the Holocene glacier record
Special issue articles
Grove AT Global and Planetary Change 2008
A brief history of ice core science over the last 50 yr
Special issue articles
Jouzel J Climate of the Past 2013
A carbon storage perspective on alluvial sediment storage in the Rhine catchment
Special issue articles
Hoffmann T, Glatzel S & Dikau R Geomorphology 2009
A century-long snow avalanche chronology reconstructed from tree-rings in Parâng Mountains (Southern Carpathians, Romania)
Special issue articles
Traian Pop O, Gavrilă I-G, Roşian G, Meseşan F, Decaulne A, Horea Holobâcă I & Anghel T... Quaternary International 2016
A Century-scale Pollen Record of Vegetation and Climate History During the Past 3500 Years in the Pinder Valley, Kumaon Higher Himalaya, India
Special issue articles
Phadtare NR & Pant RK Journal of the Geological Society of India 2006
A commentary on 'Long-term ecological trends of flow-dependent ecosystems in a major regulated river basin'
Special issue articles
Kingsford RT, MacNally R, King A, Walker KF, Bino G, Thompson R, Wassens S & Humphries P... Marine and Freshwater Research 2015
A Comparative Study of the Indian Summer Monsoon Hydroclimate and its Variations in Three Reanalyses
Special issue articles
Misra V, Pantina P, Chan SC & DiNapoli S Climate Dynamics 2012
A comparison of diatom phosphorus transfer functions and export coefficient models as tools for reconstructing lake nutrient histories
Special issue articles
Bennion H, Johnes P, Ferrier R, Phillips G & Haworth E... Freshwater Biology 2005
A comparison of late Quaternary forest changes in New Caledonia and northeastern Australia
Special issue articles
Stevenson J & Hope G Quaternary Research 2005
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