Newbury varves




New Hampshire

Lake type:


Category: clastic varves


360 m asl

Archive type:

lacustrine sediments


Ridge, J.C. (March 22, 2015). The North American Glacial Varve Project

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The North American Glacial Varve Project > max. resolution

Left: Newbury core section showing the spike in varve thickness at NE 7500 (arrow) that may represent a change in lake level or large flood event much further up valley. Middle: Newbury core showing the transition at the beginning of the IACP (NE 7923, arrow). Prominent groups of thick and thin varves that mark 20 to 25-yr cycles are identified. Right: The transition (arrow) from thin to thicker sandy varves that marks the beginning of the Younger Dryas in the Newbury section. > max. resolution