highlow, Pacific, nativereconstructed, Lamy

Core/Site name:

GeoB 3313-1


Southeast Pacific, Chile margin




marine sediments (downcore)


Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (dextral).

Proxy measurement:

alkenone, o18, opal%, Corg%

Sampling resolution:


Climate sensitivity:

temperature, salinity, productivity

Dating resolution:

radiometric, 7 dates, 260-7090 yrs, min resolution 10 yrs


7090 cal yr BP


260 cal yr BP


We reconstructed changes of temperature, salinity, and productivity within the southern Peru-Chile Current during the last 8000 years from a high-resolution sediment core recovered at 41°S using alkenones, isotope ratios of planktic foraminifera, biogenic opal, and organic carbon. Paleotemperatures and paleosalinities reached maximum values at ~5500 years ago and thereafter declined to modern values, whereas paleoproductivity continuously increased throughout the last 8000 years. We ascribe these long-term Holocene trends primarily to latitudinal shifts of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC). The concurrence with shifts in the position of the Southern Westerlies points to a common response of atmospheric and oceanographic circulation patterns off southern Chile. Millennial- to centennial-scale fluctuations of paleotemperatures and paleosalinities, on the other hand, lag displacements in the position of the Southern Westerlies but reveal a significant correlation to short-term temperature changes in Antarctica, indicating a high-latitude control of the ACC at these timescales.

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Kohfeld, Karen E.

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Main reference(s):

Lamy, F., C. Rühlemann, D. Hebbeln, and G. Wefer. 2002. High- and low-latitude climate control on the position of the southern Peru-Chile Current during the Holocene. Paleoceanography 17(2):1028.Lamy, F., D. Hebbeln, U. Röhl, and G. Wefer. 2001. Holocene rainfall variability in southern Chile: a marine record of latitudinal shifts of the Southern Westerlies. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 185(3-4):369-382.

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