high Atlantic reconstructed Black

Core/Site name:

PL07- 71BC


Cariaco Basin




marine sediments (downcore)


Globigerina bulloides

Proxy measurement:

foraminiferal abundance

Sampling resolution:


Climate sensitivity:


Dating resolution:

varves, 210Pb, radiometric

Dating information:

twelve 14C dates in 800 years


784 14C yr BP


-40 14C yr BP


Black, D.E.; Peterson, L.C.; Overpeck, J.T.; Kaplan, A.; Evans, M.N.; Kashgarian, M.Earliest Year:730 cal yr BP (1220 AD) * Most Recent Year:0 cal yr BP (1950 AD) * Location Bounds - North: 10.75 * South: 10.75 * East: -64.7 * West: -64.7 * Climate in the tropical North Atlantic is controlled largely by variations in the strength of the trade winds, the position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone, and sea surface temperatures. A high-resolution study of Caribbean sediments provides a subdecadally resolved record of tropical upwelling and trade wind variability spanning the past 825 years. These results confirm the importance of a decadal (12- to 13-year) mode of Atlantic variability believed to be driven by coupled tropical ocean-atmosphere dynamics. Although a well-defined interdecadal mode of variability does not appear to be characteristic of the tropical Atlantic, there is evidence that century-scale variability is substantial. The tropical Atlantic may also have been involved in a major shift in Northern Hemisphere climate variability that took place about 700 years ago.

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Main reference(s):

Black, D.E., L.C. Peterson, J.T. Overpeck, A. Kaplan, M.N. Evans, and M. Kashgarian. 1999. Eight centuries of North Atlantic ocean-atmosphere variability. Science 286:1709-1713.

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The age model is based on a combination of varve counts, 210Pb, and accelerator mass spectrometry 14C dates.

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