High Pacific native Asami

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Double Reef








Porites lobata

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salinity temperature

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subannual banding

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1790 AD


2000 AD

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0.03 per mil for d18O measurements


We present a monthly resolved, 213-year stable isotope time series from a coral from Guam (13N, 145E), which is located on the northern edge of the western Pacific warm pool. Oxygen isotopic composition of the coral skeleton (d18Ocoral) shows seasonal, interannual, and decadal variability, which documents significant oceanographic changes related to thermal and hydrologic variations in this region. The d18Ocoral anomaly reflects sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly and sea surface salinity (SSS) anomaly with significant r values of -0.69 and 0.49, respectively, which are strongly linked to oceanographic changes that occur during El Nino–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) warm and cool phases. We identified 46 ENSO warm (El Nino) and 53 cool phases (La Nina) in the coral record, which are consistent with those phases reconstructed by Nino 3.4 SST anomaly. Spectral analyses of the d18O(coral) anomaly record for the years 1790–1999 identified significant peaks around ~3 to ~7 years. These results indicate that the Guam coral has recorded ENSO periodicity. The d18Ocoral anomaly shows decadal variability of ~15- to ~45-year periodicity with significant shifts (

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Asami, R., T. Yamada, Y. Iryu, T.M. Quinn, C.P. Meyer, and G. Paulay. 2005. Interannual and decadal variability of the western Pacific sea surface condition for the years 1787-2000: Reconstruction based on stable isotope record from a Guam coral. Journal Geophysical Research, 110, C05018, doi:10.1029/2004JC002555.

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