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Neogloboquadrina pachyderma (dextral form)

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991 AD


1998 AD


We report on a 1000 year long oxygen isotope record in sediments of the easternNorwegian Sea which, we argue, represents the temperature and transport of warmAtlantic waters entering the Nordic Sea basin via the North Atlantic Drift and the largescaleMeridional Overturning Circulation. The single‐sample resolution of the recordis 2.5–10 years and age control is provided by 210Pb and 137Cs dating, identificationof historic tephra, and a 14C “wiggle‐match” dating method in which the surface reservoir14C age in the past is constrained rather than assumed, thereby eliminating a largesource of chronological uncertainty. The oxygen isotope results indicate decade‐ tocentury‐scale temperature variations of 1–2°C in the shallow (∼50 m deep) subsurfacewhich we find to be strongly correlated with various proxies of past solar activity.The correlations are synchronous to within the timescale uncertainties of the oceanand solar proxy records, which vary among the records and in time with a range of about5–30 years. The observed ocean temperature response is larger than expected based onsimple thermodynamic considerations, indicating that there is dynamical response ofthe high‐latitude ocean to the Sun. Correlations of our results with a gridded temperaturereconstruction for Europe are greater in central Europe than in coastal regions, suggestingthat the temperature and transport of warm Atlantic waters entering the Nordic Basinand the pattern of temperature variability over Europe are both the proximate responses toa change in the atmospheric circulation, consistent with a forced shift in the primary modesof high‐latitude atmospheric variability.

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Sejrup, H.P., S.J. Lehman, H. Haflidason, D. Noone, R. Muscheler, I.M. Berstad, and J.T. Andrews. 2010. Response of Norwegian Sea temperature to solar forcing since 1000 A.D. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol. 115, C12034. doi:10.1029/2010JC006264.

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