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Palmyra Island


Palmyra Island, central tropical Pacific






Porites lutea

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1886 AD


1998 AD


While instrumental and proxy-based climaterecords describe significant decadal-scale climate variability throughout the tropical Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans, the processes responsible for these variations and their interactionsare not readily apparent from the observations.A new 112-yr coral-based sea surface temperature(SST) reconstruction from Palmyra Island in the central tropical Pacific (CTP) exhibitss trong decadal variability with an amplitude of roughly 0.3◦C. A 12-13yr-period signal in thisc oral record is highly coherent with long equatorial Atlantic and Indian Ocean climate records, implying a unified phenomenon. The Atlantic pattern suggests thatit may fall under direct influence of anomalousSST in the CTP, as it does over interannual timescales, while the Indian Ocean pattern exhibits maximum response during the switch between warm/cold states in the tropical Pacific. The results demonstrate that the CTP has played a significant role in determining the expression of global decadal climatevariability over the twentieth century.

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Cobb, K. M., C.D. Charles, and D.E. Hunter, 2001, A central tropical Pacific coral demonstrates Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic decadal climate connections. Geophys. Res. Lett., Vol. 28 , No. 11 , p. 2209

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