High Indian Native Zinke

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Porites solida

Proxy measurement:

Sr/Ca, d18O

Sampling resolution:


Climate sensitivity:

temperature, hydrological variability

Dating information:



1881 AD


1994 AD

All uncertainties:

Average precision based on duplicate sample analysis and on multiple analysis of NBS 19 is plus/minus 0.07 % mil for delta18O. Instrumental precision was typically better than plus/minus 0.15% relative standard deviation (RSD) for Ca and plus/minus 0.08% RSD for Sr (1-sigma). For the Sr/Ca ratios the error was better than plus/minus 0.2% RSD (1-sigma). The reproducibility of the Sr/Ca ratios of replicate measurements performed on different days was plus/minus 0.2% RSD or 0.005 mmol/mol (1-sigma).


We reconstruct the hydrologic history of the tropicalwestern Indian Ocean by calculating the d18Oseawater from coupled coral Sr/Ca and d18O measurements in a massive Porites coral from Mayotte (Comoros) between 1881 and 1994. We found that the precipitation-evaporation balance varies naturally on time scales of 5-6 years and 18-25 years. High (low) SSTs are associated with positive (negative) d18Oseawater implying that atmospheric variability is linked with remote climate modes in the Indian Ocean and the tropical/extratropical Pacific Ocean. Warm El Nino-Southern Oscillation events are associated with a negative freshwater balance at Mayotte. This case study demonstrates that a much denser network of d18Oseawater reconstructions is crucial for understanding the spatial patterns of hydrologicalconditions.

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Zinke, J., M. Pfeiffer, O. Timm, W.-C. Dullo, D. Kroon, and B. A. Thomassin. 2008. Mayotte coral reveals hydrological changes in the western Indian Ocean between 1881 and 1994. Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L23707, doi:10.1029/2008GL035634.

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