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AD 1846


AD 1995


Seychelles coral oxygen-18 time series, data are monthly values of d18O from July 1846 to February 1995 from a 3-m Porites lutea coral colony collected from Beau Vallon Bay (4 degrees 36.97 S, 55 degrees E, 7m water depth), Mahe Island, Republic of the Seychelles, in July 1995.Stable isotopes were measured on untreated coral samples at the ScrippsInstitution of Oceanography by D. Hunter and C. Charles on a FinniganMAT-252 gas source mass spectrometer with an automatic carbonatepreparation device. Values are in standard per mil notation relative toPDB. Measurement precision is better than 0.08. Ages were derived fromannual variations in d18O in conjunction with annual density banding.

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Charles, C.D., D.E. Hunter, and R.G. Fairbanks. 1997. Interaction between the ENSO and the Asian monsoon in a coral record of tropical climate. Science 277:925-928.

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