High Pacific native Shen


Punta Pitt, Isla San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador






Pavona clavus

Proxy measurement:

δ18O, δ13O, Ba/Ca, Cd/Ca, Mn/Ca

Sampling resolution:


Dating resolution:


Dating information:

Ages for samples were assigned on the basis of well-defined density banding, assuming that the base of the dense band corresponds to February and that extension rates between these points are linear.


1936 AD


1982 AD

All uncertainties:

Measurement precisions are as follows: 0.08 d18O; 0.04 d13C; 9.8% for Cd/Ca; 6.6% for Mn/Ca; 1% for Ba/Ca.


A variety of geochemical tracers has been developed in reef corals as a means of reconstructing the natural variability of the tropical surface ocean over wide ranging time frames. The purpose of this paper is to calibrate the performance of five of these tracers in a modern coral colony, over an extended period. A 47-year growth interval (1936–1982) in a colony of Pavona clavus taken from San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Islands, was sectioned into 187 quarterly intervals and analyzed for δ18O, δ13O, Ba/Ca, Cd/Ca, and Mn/Ca. The resulting time series are compared with eastern Pacific sea surface temperatures—one of few instrumental data bases available for calibration over this time period. Linear least squares regressions of four of the tracers (δ18O, δ13O, Ba/Ca, Cd/Ca) against Peruvian SST show highly significant correlations (p

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Main reference(s):

Shen, G.T., J.E. Cole, D.W. Lea, L.J. Linn, T.A. McConnaughey, and R.G. Fairbanks. 1992. Surface ocean variability at Galapagos from 1936-1982: Calibration of geochemical tracers in corals. Paleoceanography 7:563-588.Lea, D.W., G.T. Shen, and E.A. Boyle, Coralline barium records temporal variability in equatorial Pacific upwelling, Nature, 340, 373-376.

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