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Suborbital climate variability during the last glacial period is suggested to have involveda 1500-year pacing cycle, but the expression and spatial distribution of the ~1500-year oscillationduring interglacials remains unclear. We generated a multidecade resolution recordof alkenone sea surface temperature (SST) in the northwestern Pacifi c off central Japanduring the Holocene. The SST record showed centennial and millennial variability withan amplitude of ~1 °C throughout the entire Holocene. Spectral analysis for SST variationrevealed a statistically signifi cant peak with 1470-year periodicity. The SST variation partlycorrelated with the variations of ice-rafted hematite-stained grain content in North Atlanticsediments. These fi ndings indicate that the mean latitude of the Kuroshio Extension hasvaried on a 1500-year cycle, and suggest that a climatic link exists between the North Pacifi cgyre system and the high-latitude North Atlantic thermohaline circulation. The regular pacingat 1500-year intervals seen throughout both the Holocene and the last glacial periodsuggests that the oscillation was a response to external forcing.

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Isono, D., M. Yamamoto, T. Irino, T. Oba, M. Murayama, T. Nakamura, and H. Kawahata (2009), The 1500-year climate oscillation in the midlatitude North Pacific during the Holocene, Geology, 37(7), 591-594.

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