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SABA87-2, SABA88-1




marine sediments (downcore)

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1298 AD


1941 AD


Analyses for C37 alkenones (U37K′) and total organic carbon (TOC) in a varved core from the depocenter of the Santa Barbara Basin (34°13.5′N, 120°01′W, 590 m water depth) have been made on an approximately 1–2 year basis from A.D. 1440 to 1940. The U37K′-based sea surface temperature (SST) record oscillates around 15.5°C with an amplitude of less than 3°C at approximately interannual, decadal, and centennial frequencies. Historical El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events are matched only partially by warmer U37K′ SSTs. Three records: our SST, a published Pacific coral δ18O, and a published tree-ring temperature anomaly from the California valleys, show no evidence of colder temperatures during the Little Ice Age (ca. 1500 to 1840 A.D.). Significantly, there is a strong centennial-scale cyclicity in the U37K′ SST record which approaches 1°C in amplitude. TOC burial and alkenone fluxes are largely controlled by sedimentation rate as expressed in varve thickness.

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Zhao, M., G. Eglinton, G. Read, and A. Schimmelmann (2000), An alkenone (U37K′) quasi-annual sea surface temperature record (A.D. 1440 to 1940) using varved sediments from the Santa Barbara Basin, Organic Geochemistry, 31(9), 903-917. Hendy, I. L., L. Dunn, A. Schimmelmann, and D. K. Pak (2012), Resolving varve and radiocarbon chronology differences during the last 2000 years in the Santa Barbara Basin sedimentary record, California, Quaternary International(0). Arndt Schimmelmann , Ingrid L. Hendy , Larianna Dunn , Dorothy K. Pak & Carina B. Lange (2013): Revised 2000-year chronostratigraphy of partially varved marine sediment in Santa Barbara Basin, California, GFF, DOI:10.1080/11035897.2013.773066

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