CoralHydro2k scientific goals

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 Coral reef in the northern Red Sea. Credit: MARUM, T. Felis

Despite existing uncertainties and challenges, δ18Osw is closely related to ocean salinity. Unlocking the full potential of coral δ18Osw reconstructions would enable to resolve natural versus anthropogenic trends in the global hydrological cycle and linkages between the marine hydrological cycle and the terrestrial hydrological cycle through atmospheric moisture transport and continental runoff, in order to provide marine perspectives on past ocean-atmosphere-land interactions and on terrestrial hydroclimate variability and change observed in continental-scale tree-ring networks.

We intend to combine existing and new coral-based δ18Osw reconstructions with simulations of coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation models equipped with water isotope tracer modules, in order to deliver insights on the dynamical controls – both oceanic and atmospheric – on δ18Osw variations of the tropical to subtropical ocean over the past centuries.