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This group is open to anyone who is interested. To participate, please contact one of the leaders below.

Leaders (and mailing list administrators)

Juan Antonio Ballesteros Cánovas, Switzerland
Lothar Schulte, Spain
Bruno Wilhelm, France

PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) representative

Juan Carlos Peña, Spain

Data liaison officer

Michael Kahle, Germany

Scientific committee

Scott St. George, USA: Data management, tree rings
Markus Stoffel, Switzerland: Tree rings
Rhawn Denniston, USA: Speleothems
Blas Valero-Garcés, Spain: Lake Sediments
Achim Brauer, Germany: Varves, lake sediments
Gerardo Benito, Spain: Fluvial sediments
Mark G. Macklin, UK: Fluvial sediments
Neil Macdonald, UK: Historical archives
Manfred Mudelsee, Germany: Statistical data analysis, data management

Database project

Main coordinators: Michael Kahle & Pierre Francus
Sub-group coordinators:
Historical archives: Neil Macdonald, Oliver Wetter & David Pino
Tree rings: Scott St George
Fluvial sediments: Willem Toonen, Samuel Munoz & Tao Liu
Lake/fjord sediments: Pierre Sabatier, Pablo Corella & Markus Czymzik
Speleothems: Rhawn Denniston & Marc Lütscher

Profiles of Floods Working Group members

Please find basic scientific profiles of Floods Working Group members here (.xlsx).

Members who would like to add their details to this list should contact Vincent Pellerito: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.