DAPS scientific goals

DAPS was a PAGES working group active from 2016-2019.

Its goals were reviewing, training and broadening knowledge in paleoclimate reanalyses, data assimilation and proxy system modeling as well as methods of development and validation.

Reviewing, training and broadening

A first goal of the working group was to describe the state of the field, identifying gaps and synergies. On the basis of the available examples, a second goal was then to expand data assimilation activities where they are not yet applied while the method offers a generalized framework potentially useful in nearly all the domains. This involved training activities and interactions between scientists to identify the best opportunities for collaboration.

Methods development and validation

From the conclusion of the review step, several examples were selected and further developed to illustrate the power of the method and provide practical applications. A versioned code repository development was encouraged to facilitate joined activities, developments by new users and method intercomparisons.