PALSEA people

PALSEA has over 200 members from 20 countries on the North American, European, and Asian continents, including Australia and New Zealand.


Current Leaders

The group started another phase in 2018, under the guidance of a new leadership team, and the working group will become active in 2019.

Jacky Austermann (Columbia University, USA)

Natasha Barlow (University of Leeds, UK)

Alessio Rovere (MARUM, Germany; data liaison officer)

Jeremy Shakun (Boston College, USA; mailing list administrator)

Find out more about the new leaders here.

PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN) representative

Jacky Austermann (Columbia University, USA)


PALSEA2 Former Leaders

Anders Carlson (Oregon State University, USA)

Andrea Dutton (University of Florida, USA)

Antony Long (Durham University, UK)

Glenn Milne (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Steering Committee

Edouard Bard (Collège de France)

Peter Clark (Oregon State University, USA)

Roland Gehrels (U. York, UK)

Ben Horton (Rutgers U., USA)

Kurt Lambeck (ANU, Australia)

Dan Lunt (U. Bristol, UK)

Bette Otto-Bliesner (NCAR, USA)

Tony Payne (U. Bristol, UK)

Maureen Raymo (LDEO, USA)

Mark Siddall (U. Bristol, UK)

Bill Thompson (WHOI, USA)

Claire Waelbroeck (LSCE/IPSL, France)