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PAGES 2k Network seminar series - Sylvia Dee & Greg Hakim

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Sarah Eggleston
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The PAGES 2k Network conducted an online seminar series 20 May - 8 Nov 2021.

Today's seminar - 8 November at 17:00 UTC

Sylvia Dee and Greg Hakim will present "Proxy system modeling and the Last Millennium Reanalysis".

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Proxy system models are now widely used in paleoclimate data-model comparison to account for the physical, biological, and chemical transformations that occur from climate to proxy measurement. This forward (model-driven) representation of how proxies work allows us to compare climate model output and paleoclimate archives on a level playing field, in the same units. In this talk, we'll review the concept of proxy system modeling, existing PSMs, and explore newly-published models and their applications.

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Please register for this seminar by 6 November here. The zoom link will be sent out approximately 24 hours in advance of the seminar.