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Charlotte Lindqvist
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Join us for a virtual Workshop on SE Alaska, and neighboring regions along the British Columbia coast, climate change, ice sheet dynamics, volcanic geohazards, Ice Age refugia, biodiversity, and biogeographic history.


Southeast Alaska extends ~500 miles along the North Pacific Coast and comprises more than 5,000 islands in the Alexander Archipelago with stunning coastal mountains that rise steeply from the Pacific Ocean. The region holds an enormous geological and biological richness, characterized by rainforests, glacial fjords, wetlands, mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, karst caves, an extensive marine shoreline, and a diverse fauna that has been shaped by a dynamic glacial history and more recently by land use and loss of habitat.

The theme of this workshop focuses on the Late Quaternary Alaskan geological and evolutionary history. By combining expertise across the geological and biological disciplines, we wish to bring together scientists from different disciplines and at different career levels to foster discussions about present knowledge and future directions in research on Ice Age climate history and its impacts on mammal biogeography and population dynamics in a critical gateway in the Quaternary history and peopling of the Americas.


The program will be dictated by those interested in participating. We envision having one day focused on identifying gaps in knowledge about the geologic history, with a focus on past glaciation and volcanism in the Quaternary. We envision another day focused on identifying gaps in knowledge of biodiversity patterns and biogeographic history through the last glaciation and across the Holocene. We plan to make time for break-out discussions that will lead to a workshop report that identifies key gaps in knowledge, and how to fill them.

Keynote presentations

James Baichtal, Tongass National Forest (retired)
Jocelyn Colella, University of Kansas
Joseph Cook, University of New Mexico
Summer Praetorius, United States Geological Survey

Deadlines and Registration

Deadline for contacting us with a talk suggestion is April 22 April 29.
Deadline for abstract submission is May 6.

To indicate interest and suggest a contribution, email

Registration is free.
To indicate interest and suggest a talk, click here and fill out the Google form

Local Organizing Committee and Contacts

  • Jason Briner Professor of Geology, Department of Geology, University at Buffalo
  • Charlotte Lindqvist Associate Professor of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Barbara Catalano Administrative Assistant, Department of Geology and Center for Geohazards Studies

Sponsor and Host

U.S. National Science Foundation
Center for Geohazards Studies, University at Buffalo

Further information

Please visit the workshop website for more information and updates:

If you have any questions about registration, please email
For any questions, please contact Charlotte Lindqvist or Jason Briner, University at Buffalo