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C-SIDE 3rd workshop: Integrating sea-ice proxies, model simulations, and complementary records of glacial-interglacial climate change

Bordeaux, France
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Karen Kohfeld
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The Cycles of Sea-ice Dynamics in the Earth System (C-SIDE) working group will schedule its third workshop "Integrating sea-ice proxies, model simulations, and complementary records of glacial-interglacial climate change" in 2022 or 2023. Dates will be confirmed as soon as possible. 

*The actual dates of the workshop will be announced as soon as possible. The dates used above are just temporary placeholders, and the workshop could potentially be held during another month in 2022 or 2023.*

The workshop was originally planned for May 2021.


University of Bordeaux


This workshop will be limited to 35 participants. Interested scientists can apply to join. As with all previous workshops, streaming services will be offered for remote participants.


C-SIDE aims to reconstruct changes in Antarctic sea-ice extent over the past 130,000 years and to understand the impact of sea ice on marine productivity, nutrient cycling, ocean circulation, carbon cycle, and air-sea gas exchange.

The first workshop established priorities to:
- develop a Southern Ocean sea-ice database;
- compile proxy records that best complement the sea-ice records; and
- identify model simulations for comparisons with sea-ice data.

At the second workshop, participants assembled a comprehensive inventory of Southern Ocean sea-ice records and identified 10 records that could be used for 130,000-year reconstructions. Participants also identified complementary records for compilation and established model simulation targets for developing the most effective data-model comparisons based on current modeling resources.

Participants proposed a special issue in Climate of the Past that invites workshop participants and outside contributors.

The papers proposed involved:
- a review paper outlining the role of sea-ice during glacial cycles;
- a new sea-ice compilation examining sea-ice extent and duration in the three Southern Ocean sectors;
- an LGM data-model comparison using PMIP3 simulations;
- data-model comparisons for the Last Interglacial time period (127 kyr BP);
- analyses of sea ice and complementary records; and
- a paper comparing new carbon cycling and circulation modeling with sea-ice data.

The goal of this third workshop is to bring together these contributors to present their findings, summarize what we have learned, and to highlight which challenges remain. For example, because sea-ice reconstruction currently relies on different proxies (ice cores, biomarkers, and assemblages), we aim to develop a strategy for integrating or homogenizing the different approaches (and time slices) used.

This workshop will also establish a strategy for continued work, under the umbrella of PAGES for a second three-year phase and/or through other funding applications.

Planning prior to this workshop will involve completion of data synthesis, completion of group publications, and investigations of future avenues of support.


The third workshop will be structured to highlight participant presentations, followed by group discussions to identify gaps, and plan for future activities.

Confirmed participants

- Helen Bostock, Associate Professor, University of Queensland, Australia
- Xavier Crosta, Senior research scientist, University of Bordeaux, France
- Karen Kohfeld, Professor, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
- Katrin Meissner, Director and Associate Professor, Climate Change Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia
- Matthew Chadwick, PhD Student, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
- Jacob Jones, Grad Student, School of Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, Canada
- Kelly-Anne Lawler, Graduate Student, Australian National University, Australia
- Alice Marzocchi, Research Scientist, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
- Joe Prebble, Scientist, GNS Science I Te Pῡ Ao, New Zealand
- Rachael Rhodes, Senior Lecturer, Department of Earth Sciences, Cambridge University, UK
- Henrik Sadatzki, Postdoc, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
- Louise Sime, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK
- Lena Thoele, Postdoc, Utrecht University, The Netherlands


Details will be provided closer to the workshop date.

Financial support

PAGES has provided financial support for the attendance of some early-career researchers and researchers from developing countries. Details on how to apply for support will be made available closer to the workshop date.

Abstract submission and registration

Details will be provided closer to the workshop date.


This workshop is the third and final workshop planned for the working group's first phase. We will use this meeting to finalize our data products but also to hold discussions about how our group should proceed (that is, future funding opportunities, and the possibility of a second term as a PAGES working group).

Planned products

- Past Global Changes Magazine workshop report
- Special Issue
- Compilation of 130,000 year records of sea ice from the marine realm

Data stewardship

Compiled data will be archived through PANGAEA.

Stakeholder engagement

As a basic science working group, most of the stakeholders interested in our products will be future scientists and other scientific working groups who have an interest in using the data products we complete. At the second workshop, we identified several potential stakeholder groups and potential contacts to explore connections.

For this workshop, we plan to approach representatives from CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Panel (SORP); the Southern Ocean Observing System, and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP); and SCAR Past Antarctic Ice Sheet.

Further information

Contact workshop organizer Karen Kohfeld, Simon Fraser University, Canada: