1 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship position in glacial cycle ice and climate system interactions

1 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship position in glacial cycle ice and climate system interactions

Newfoundland, Canada
Start date for both positions: Feb 1/2022 (possibly a few weeks

Note, these positions can be done remotely. However, for non-Canadian citizens or residents, the successful application will have to first come to St. John's for about a month for work visa requirements (there may be a possibility for German residents to avoid this requirement). Applicants for both positions must be interested in working in a collaborative environment. Duties will including mentoring of PhD students working on related topics in the glacial dynamics group at Memorial University. The PDFs will be expected to present results at international conferences and workshops.

Year salary will be about $50k CDN. PDFs at Memorial University receive standard staff benefits.

Associated benefit for those who choose to work onsite: the spectacular natural environment of Newfoundland, Canada

The positions are both within the PalMod consortium project ( ): From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene: Modeling a Complete Glacial Cycle.
To what extent was the coupled ice and climate system robustly driven by orbital forcing? Or was there, for instance, a dominant stochastic aspect to the spatial pattern of ice sheet evolution? What were the relative roles of : changing orography, changing ocean gateways, and changing meltwater fluxes on glacial cycle evolution and shorter term variability? How did sea-ice respond and in turn feedback on the rest of the climate system? These questions will be addressed with LCice (Bahadory et al, 2018, ) as well with a new version using an upgraded version of the planet simulator ( ) that includes a dynamically evolving land mask.
Building on the work of Andres and Tarasov (2019, and Bahadory et al (2021,, the PDF will closely
work with one PhD student to disentangle ice and climate interactions during the last glacial cycle.
Applications are invited from self-motivated candidates with a deep interest in Earth systems modelling/science. Applicants must have completed a PhD in physics, meteorology, physical oceanography, or closely related areas by the start of PDF. Applicants must also be interested in working on computationally intensive projects.

- Published record in ocean, atmosphere, or (preferably) coupled climate system modelling with GCMs
- Solid understanding of geophysical fluid dynamics and atmospheric/ocean physics
- Experience in using F90, and analysis packages such as OCTAVE/MATLAB/R/CDO/...
- Experience with Linux/UNIX systems, shell scripting,...
Interested candidates should contact Lev Tarasov ( Please include a full CV, contact information for references, and a statement of interest.
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