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PhD position, geochemistry - Zaragoza, Spain

PhD position, geochemistry - Zaragoza, Spain

Zaragoza, Spain
Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia

The Quaternary Palaeoenvironments group of IPE-CSIC offers:

• Training to develop a future research career, with the possibility of exploring options outside
• 4-year AEI contract for the completion of a doctoral thesis (according to salary tables for the year
2022, 12 payments which, depending on personal situation, is ca. 1300€/month with annual
salary increase according to Spanish IRPF and additional from the third year onwards).
• Additional training opportunities within the framework of the CSIC, but also financed by the
group's own projects.
• Working in an international environment with several programmed research stays (e.g.,
Germany and Austria).
• Participation in national and international conferences.
• Possibility of personal and professional development in "soft skills" (dissemination, oral
expression techniques, communication, etc.).
• Excellent working environment that promotes each person’s skills and individual development.
TEMPURA: TEMPeratUre Reconstruction At
past rapid climate transitions

TEMPURA proposal is aimed to quantify the temperature change in past rapid climate events in Iberia, focusing on those transitions that represent a large temperature change (above 2°C) in a short time period (decades-centuries) during glacial terminations and during the Holocene. We are going to apply for the first time in Iberia Peninsula a combination of novel geochemical quantitative proxies in speleothems and lake sediments that, after a robust calibration, will produce temperature estimations for past abrupt changes.

Those indicators are:
(i) the isotopic composition of fluid inclusions,
(ii) the clumped isotopes and
(iii) the composition in branched- glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers (branched-GDGTs).
We are looking for a doctoral candidate who will carry out the following tasks:

• Field work: monitoring survey in high mountain lakes and caves; sediment coring and speleothem sampling
• Laboratory tasks: carrying out multiproxy geochemical analyses in collaboration with national and international specialists in the three proposed techniques (fluid inclusions, clumped isotopes
and GDGTs). Sample preparation for U-Th and 14C dating
• Publication of results in international journals, dissemination at scientific conferences and
outreach events.
The essential requirements expected of candidates are:

• Degree in geology, chemistry or environmental sciences
• Additional training in geochemistry would be important
• Master's degree related to geochemistry, environmental sciences or global change.
• Independence and ability to self-organise, as well as a collaborative spirit and teamwork.

Requirements not essential, but desirable, of the candidates are:

• Proficiency in English, especially written.
• Ability to do field work as well as laboratory work.
• Curiosity, motivation and enthusiasm.
• Ability to communicate with different audiences and social skills.
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For more information, address Ana Moreno Caballud,
(, ORCID: or Blas
Valero Garcés, (; ORCID:
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