PhD Fellowship in Archaeobotany/ Palaeoecology

PhD Fellowship in Archaeobotany/ Palaeoecology

Stavanger, Norway
The University of Stavanger invites applicants for a PhD Fellowship in Archaeobotany or Palaeoecology at the Museum of Archaeology, Department of Archaeological Excavations and Natural Sciences.

The appointment is for three years with research duties exclusively. The position is vacant for accession as soon as possible.

This is a trainee position that will give promising researchers an opportunity for academic development through a PhD education leading to a doctoral degree.
This is a trainee position that will give promising researchers an opportunity for academic development through a PhD education leading to a doctoral degree.

The hired candidate will be admitted to the PhD program in Social Sciences. The education includes relevant courses to about six months of study, a dissertation based on independent research, participation in national and international research environments, relevant academic communication, a trial lecture and public defence.
Potential avenues of investigation which invite collaboration with research communities in natural science and archaeology, the municipal environmental protection department, and other regional administrative institutions, include:

Sustainable land use, agriculture and/or plant exploitation in the past.
The use of wild plants in the past as food, medicine, textiles, pigments, fuel etc.
Cultural heritage management and collections management from an environmental perspective – sustainable practice?
Variation in biodiversity in selected biogeographical regions in a long-term perspective, and how this relates to settlement history, population density, natural and anthropogenic environmental changes, etc.
Ecological resilience or collapse. Changes in ecosystems or landscapes vs. settlement change or abandonment. Identify possible tipping points which have resulted in changes in ecosystems.
Climatic and/or anthropogenic causality in known periods of change in vegetation history, which are also reflected in the archaeological record.
Looking for applicants with a strong academic background who have completed a five-year master degree (3+2) within one or more of the following fields: botany, archaeology, ecology or quaternary geology, with a specialism in the analysis of plant macrofossils, pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, charcoal, phytoliths or another related field, preferably acquired recently; or possess corresponding qualifications that could provide a basis for successfully completing a doctorate. The successful candidate should have a NOKUT-approved MA.

To be eligible for admission to the doctoral programmes at the University of Stavanger both the grade for your master’s thesis and the weighted average grade of your master’s degree must individually be equivalent to or better than a B grade.

Applicants with an education from an institution with a different grade scale than A-F, and/or with other types of credits than sp/ECTS, must attach a confirmed conversion scale that shows how the grades can be compared with the Norwegian A-F scale and a Diploma Supplement or similar that explains the scope of the subject that are included in the education. You can use these conversion scales to calculate your points for admission.

The successful candidate must have at least reading comprehension of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language, as much of the research material is in Norwegian.

Emphasis is also placed on your:

motivation and potential for research within the field
professional and personal skills for completing the doctoral degree within the timeframe
ability to work independently and in a team, be innovative and creative
ability to work structured and handle a heavy workload
having a good command of both oral and written English
To apply for this position please follow the link "Apply for this job". Your application letter, relevant education and work experience as well as language skills must be registered here. In your application letter, you must state your research interests and motivation for the position.

The following documents must be uploaded as attachments to your application:

project proposal, a project proposal template can be found here.
CV with a full summary of your education and experience
references, certificates/diplomas and other documentation that you consider relevant
Diploma Supplement or similar and a confirmed conversion scale if this is required
publications or other relevant research work
Applications are evaluated based on the information available in Jobbnorge at the application deadline. You should ensure that your application shows clearly how your skills and experience meet the criteria which are set out above and that you have attached the necessary documentation.

The documentation must be available in either a Scandinavian language or in English. If the total size of the attachments exceeds 30 MB, they must be compressed before upload.

Please note that information on applicants may be published even if the applicant has requested not to be included in the official list of applicants - see Section 25 of the Freedom of Information Act. If your request is not granted, you will be notified.

UiS only considers applications and attachments registered in Jobbnorge.

For more on how to apply visit:
Application deadline
Further information
More information on the position (and project description) can be obtained from Head of Research Anja Mansrud, tel: +47 41682138 , e-mail: or Head of Department Krister Eilertsen, tel: +47 98826959, e-mail:

Information about the appointment procedure can be obtained from HR adviser Janne V. Endresen, tel: +47 51831216, e-mail:
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