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Horizons 3

PAGES is pleased to announce the third volume of its paleoscience magazine for teenagers, young adults, and people of all ages interested in Earth’s history.

Past Global Changes Horizons, published by PAGES, highlights sciences of the past (paleosciences) and is written in an easy to understand, visual format, for those interested in, and wanting to learn more about, environmental issues and global climate change. The scientific information provided in the magazine is derived directly from the scientists themselves.

Through direct scientific knowledge about past environmental and climate changes, the objective is to inform readers so that they will be able to understand the current environmental crisis.

"It is our great pleasure to present this third volume of PAGES Horizons, which is dedicated to the study of "wet and dry", using paleorecords. The volume contains contributions which reveal, in a relaxed, fun, and visually appealing way, how scientists work with different archives, including speleothems, tree-rings, historical records, and sediments, and in various environments, such as volcanic, fluvial, cave and mountain regions."

To order a free hard copy of the third volume of Horizons, please complete the webform here by 21 July.

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