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Sea-level rise of +6m to come?


“Sea-level rise due to polar ice-sheet mass loss during past warm periodsâ€, Dutton et al., Science, 10 July 2015, DOI: 10.1126/science.aaa4019

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> PALSEA2 / PAGES Press Release (English, 7 July 2015)

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Analyses and maps of sea-level rise impact

Colleagues at Climate Central have run US and global analyses putting the projected 6m of eventual sea level rise in a meaningful context.

> Global-focused research summary and graphics with global number (>375 million), rankings of top nations and megacities

> Climate Central’s own coverage of the Science paper

> Zip code-searchable interactive map of the US showing land below 6m

> US-focused research summary and tables giving assessment of US national population below 6m (>23 million), plus rankings and numbers for top states and cities


Figure 1: Small increases in global average temperature may eventually lead to sea-level rise of 6 metres or more according to evidence from past warm periods in Earth’s history. Temperatures shown are relative to preindustrial levels. Present day temperature is around 0.8°C higher than preindustrial levels.