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PAGES e-news, vol. 2015, no. 6

PAGES e-news, vol. 2015, no. 6


► PAGES recruiting Executive Director
► AGU Fall Meeting 2015 - Abstracts due 5 August

► Upcoming deadlines to attend PAGES working group meetings
► Recent PAGES products
GloSS Working Group - call for GSA abstracts
► IPICS 2nd Open Science Meeting - Call for abstracts
► WCRP and PAGES collaboration
Future Earth announcements
EGU opportunities
News from PAGES' sister projects
► AGU 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting - Call for abstracts
► PAGES at INQUA 2015


► PAGES recruiting Executive Director

PAGES is recruiting a new Executive Director to run the PAGES project from our office in Bern, Switzerland. Deadline: 26 July 2015. Read more:


► AGU Fall Meeting 2015 - Abstracts due 5 August

The AGU Fall Meeting 2015 will take place from 14-18 December 2015 in San Francisco, USA. The PAGES-related sessions below invite abstract submissions by the 5th of August. The sessions that will be co-sponsored by IGBP as part of its Landmark Synthesis are indicated with an * in the list below.

Aquatic Transitions Working Group

Sedimentary records of threshold change in ecosystems* (Session: 8761)
Primary Convener: K Mills. Conveners: P Gell and J E Saros

Dust Impacts on Climate and Environment (DICE) Working Group

Dust in High Latitudes: From its Origins to its Impacts* (Session: 8015)
Primary Convener: S Gasso. Conveners: J Crusius, G Winckler, and P A Ginoux

LandCover6k Working Group

Dating the Anthropocene: Early Land Use and Earth System Change* (Session: 8202)
Primary Convener: E C Ellis. Conveners: K K Goldewijk and J Williams

PALSEA2 Working Group

Sea levels and ice sheets during past warm periods: looking the past to understand the future* (Session: 8961)
Primary Convener: A Rovere. Convener: R E Kopp III

Feedbacks on ice-sheet growth and decay during the last glacial cycle (Session 9129)
Primary Convener: Jorie Clark. Conveners: Anders E Carlson

Sea-level and Cryosphere change over the last 7,000 years: where are we now? (Session 8868)
Primary Convener: Gaylen Sinclair. Conveners: Jennifer Walker and Nicholas Steven Bill

The PAGES 2k Network

Climate of the Common Era* (Session: 8412)
Primary Convener:  J E Smerdon. Conveners:  K J Anchukaitis, K M Cobb, and E R Cook

PAGES' Climate / Environment Themes

Biogeochemical cycles in the past - long-term commitments in the future* (Session: 8323)
Primary Convener: H Fischer. Conveners: B Hoenisch, L Menviel, and E Brook

IGBP Cross-Cutting Sessions

Emerging perspectives on land in a changing world* (Session: 8063)
Primary Convener: P Verburg. Conveners: M Reichstein, K D Morrison, and S van der Leeuw

Trajectories of change in the Southern Ocean* (Session: 8669)
Primary Convener: C Lancelot. Conveners: E E Hofmann, S Jaccard, and J L Russell

Future Earth

Science and the Sustainable Development Goals (Session ID: 9048)
Primary Convener: Chuluun Togtokh. Conveners: Dennis S Ojima, Toshio Yamagata, and Owen Gaffney

IGBP and Future Earth activities

Union Session:What’s the big deal about the Anthropocene? (Session ID: 8151)
Primary Convener:  Ninad R Bondre, Conveners:  James P Syvitski, Eduardo S Brondizio, and Owen Gaffney

More bang for your buck: How does coordination add value to sustainability science? (Session: 8718)
Primary Convener: T Kiefer. Conveners: K Smyth, N R Bondre, and J Emile-Geay

Pre-AGU early career workshop on co-design & co-production. Apply by 28 August 2015. More information:


► Upcoming deadlines to attend PAGES working group meetings

GloSS: Open kickoff meeting of the PAGES working group Global Soil and Sediment Transfers in the Anthropocene
19-21 August 2015, Bonn, Germany
Register by 5 August 2015
Read the 2nd circular:

Aus2k: Australasian paleoclimate of the last 2k: Intercomparison of climate field reconstruction methodologies, modeling, & data synthesis approaches
27-29 October 2015, Auckland, New Zealand
Submit an abstract by 15 August 2015

LandCover6k workshop on global land-use classification
3 days during the period 12-23 October 2015 in Paris or Chicago
Contact Kathleen Morrison for further information (

LandCover6k workshop on land-use and land-cover change in Eastern Africa
22-23 October 2015, Nairobi, Kenya
Contact Rob Marchant for further information (

To view more paleo-science relevant events coming up around the world, go to our calendar:


► Recent PAGES products

The PALSEA2 working group's recent review paper in Science received extensive international media attention when it was released earlier this month. In the study, PALSEA2 analyzed sea levels during recent warm periods in Earth’s history when global average temperatures were similar to or slightly warmer than today – about 1°C above preindustrial temperatures. They concluded that global average temperatures similar to today, but slightly higher polar temperatures, resulted in more than 6 metres of global average sea-level rise due to polar ice-sheet loss. The study confirms that our present climate is warming to a level associated with significant polar ice-sheet loss in the past and even our present temperature targets may commit Earth to at least 6 metres of sea-level rise. 

Read the article:
Read the accompanying Climate Central analyses, press releases, and media coverage:

In Climate of the Past, D Zanchettin et al. reconcile reconstructed and simulated features of the winter Pacific/North American pattern in the early 19th century. This paper stems from the PAGES2k/PMIP 2013 workshop on integrated analyses of reconstructions and multi-model simulations for the past two millennia in Madrid in November 2013.


► GloSS Working Group - call for GSA abstracts

The Global Soil and Sediment Transfers in the Anthropocene (GloSS) working group welcomes abstract submissions to its upcoming topical session at the 2015 Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting (1-4 November in Baltimore, USA):

Developing Proxies for Human Impact on Soil and Sediment Mass Transfer throughout the Holocene(Session T9)

Despite our knowledge of the mechanistic relationships between erosion, sediment storage, land-use, and climate change, the global patterns of soil erosion, fluvial sediment flux, and storage throughout the Holocene remain poorly understood. This session invites papers that address this gap and provide a paleo-perspective of human impact on soils, sediments, and river systems. Papers covering empirical and modeling studies from local to global scales with a special focus on proxies for human impacts are very much appreciated. 

Session chairs: Gary Stinchcomb, Timothy Beach, and Thomas Hoffmann

Deadline: 11 August 2015.

More at:


► IPICS Second Open Science Meeting - Call for abstracts

The International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences (IPICS) Second Open Science Conference will be held in Hobart, Australia from 7-11 March 2016. Abstracts are invited on all aspects of ice core research including major recent drilling projects. The Ice Core Young Scientists' (ICYS) will hold a one-day workshop prior to the IPICS Open Science Conference on Sunday 6th March. Generous travel support grants are being offered to early career ice core researchers to attend these events. The deadline for applications and abstract submissions is 15 September 2015. More on the conference website:


► WCRP and PAGES collaboration

PAGES members are encouraged to apply to attend the CLIVAR-ICTP International Workshop on Decadal Climate Variability and Predictability: Challenge and Opportunity from 16-24 November 2015 at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), Trieste, Italy. Register online at by the 31 August 2015.

16-19 November 2015 - Open attendance workshop
20-24 November 2015 - Lab/Training Activity for students and early career scientists


► Future Earth announcements

Vacancies: Future Earth has two job openings at the Montreal Hub: Science Assistant to the Executive Director and Executive Assistant.

Early career workshop: Pre-AGU early career workshop on co-design & co-production from 11-12 December in San Francisco. Apply by 28 August 2015. More information:


► EGU opportunities

Session proposals: The EGU 2016 General Assembly is calling for session proposals by 18 September 2015.

Workshop support: Submit a proposal for EGU support to organise a meeting, training school, or workshop. Deadline 31 July.


► News from PAGES' sister projects

GLP (Global Land Project): is looking for original contributions in the form of short articles to contribute to its next edition of GLP News, on biodiversity and land systems incl. land use and land cover change. 

SOLAS (Surface Ocean - Lower Atmosphere Study): is calling for Scientific Steering Committee members. The deadline for applications is 31 July 2015.


► AGU 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting - Call for abstracts

The 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting (21-26 February 2016 in New Orleans, USA), sponsored by AGU, ASLO and TOS, is now inviting abstracts. Deadline 23 September 2015.


► PAGES at INQUA 2015

If you're going to the INQUA congress in Nagoya, Japan from 27 July to 2 August (, you may like to attend the following sessions and meetings arranged by PAGES Working Groups:

Future Earth Session 
PAGES SSC member Pascale Braconnot will talk about the role of paleoscience in Future Earth.
Shirotori Hall (1st Floor, Building 4) from 15:30 to 16:50 on Tuesday 28 July.

PALSEA2 Working Group
Sea-level and cryospheric changes in the last 2000 years (CMP C01)
Convened by: A Long, Y Zong, R Gehrels

Reconstruction and interpretation of pale sea level records (CMP C04)
Convened by: Y Yokoyama, G Camoin, J M Webster, G A Milne

Ice-sheet variability in Quaternary warm climates: geologic records and model simulations (CMP C08)
Convened by: A E Carlson, A C Mix, T van De Flierdt, N K Larsen, J S Hoffman

Temporal changes in sea-level: from minutes to millennia (CMP C13)
B Horton, S Engelhart, A Kemp, A Switzer

Sea Ice Proxies Working Group
Sea Ice in the Quaternary: Proxies, processes, and dynamics (P25)
Convened by: E Wolff, R Gersonde, H Goosse, M Seidenkrantz, A de Vernal

Varves Working Group
Natural and man-made environmental perturbations recorded in sediment archives with high resolution (P34)
Convened by: A E K Ojala, H Kitagawa, P Francus, M Okuno, A Schimmelmann, K Yamada, Y Yasuda, B Zolitschka

Global Paleofire Working Group 
From ecosystems to biomes to the Earth system: using paleodata and models to understand the interactions between fire, people, vegetation and climate (H02)
Convened by: B Vannière, J Marlon, M Power, A-L Daniau

C-PEAT Working Group
Peat deposits during the Quaternary: their role in the global carbon cycle and as palaeoenvironmental archives (P31)
Convened by: Z Yu, D Charman, D Beilman

Past Interglacials Working Group
Understanding interglacial climate (P04)
Convened by: Q Yin, M-F Loutre, J F McManus, B L Otto-Bliesner

LandCover6k Working Group Meeting
The LandCover6k WG will meet in collaboration with the two INQUA commissions HAB COMM and PAL COMM on Tuesday 28th July, at Lunchtime. Venue: Room number 231.
Responsible organizers: Ralph Fyfe (, Kathleen Morrison, and Nicki Whitehouse



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