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Journal articles

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Special issues

Eds: Schulte L, Schillereff D, Santisteban J & Marret-Davies F (2020) Pluridisciplinary analysis and multi-archive reconstruction of paleofloods, Global and Planetary Change (link)

PAGES Magazine articles

Ballesteros Canovas JA, Schulte L, Corella JP & Wilhelm B (2020) Floods in a warmer world: Insights from paleohydrology, Past Global Changes Magazine, 28(1), 31 (link)
Wilhelm B & Ballesteros-Cánovas JA (2016) A cross-disciplinary initiative to analyze past floods, Past Global Changes Magazine, 24(2), 76 (link)
Wilhelm B, Wirth SB & Ballesteros-Canovas JA (2016) New PAGES working group on floods, Past Global Changes Magazine, 24(1), 28 (link)


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Workshop reports

Swierczynski T, Ionita M & Pino D (2017) Using Archives of Past Floods to Estimate Future Flood Hazards, Eos, 98 (link)