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PAGES Magazine articles

Oksman M, Kvorning AB, Luostarinen T, Weckström K, Ribeiro S, Pieńkowski AJ and Heikkilä M (2022) Towards reliable proxy-based reconstructions: Community perspectives and criteria for the ACME database, Past Global Changes Magazine, 30(1), 56 (link)
Heikkilä M, Pieńkowski A, Ribeiro S & Weckström K (2019) Arctic Cryosphere Change and Coastal Marine Ecosystems working group, Past Global Changes Magazine, 27(2), 70 (link)

Journal articles

Heikkilä M, Ribeiro S, Weckström K and Pieńkowski AJ (2022) Predicting the future of coastal marine ecosystems in the rapidly changing Arctic: The potential of palaeoenvironmental records, Anthropocene, 37 (link)