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Researchers, institutions and funders interested in hosting a PAGES Topical Science Meeting are invited to contact the PAGES Executive Director Marie-France Loutre to discuss their ideas on topic and format.

Bidding process

After fruitful discussions of initial ideas with the PAGES Executive Director, you will be encouraged to submit a formal bid to PAGES. Your bid should addresses the following points:


  • Rationale for the proposed topic
  • Relevance of the topic for PAGES Working Groups
  • Local expertise on the topic


  • Meeting venue details (city, location, size, details of auditorium, poster hall, meeting rooms for parallel sessions, AV facilities etc.)
  • Travel access (proximity to airport, trains etc.)
  • Accommodation options: Capacities, categories, prices (incl. economic options), distance to venue and details of transport to the venue
  • Social event(s)
  • Meeting catering options, restaurants near the venue
  • Opportunities for field trips and ‘places of interest’
  • Possible dates when the Topical Science Meeting could be held


  • Scientists and organizations who will serve as hosts
  • Local Organizing Committee
  • Coordinator’s contact details (name, affiliation, email, phone)


  • Budget estimate and available (or anticipated) funding
  • Maximum number of participants, maximum number of parallel workshops

Organizational support

  • Briefly discuss services that might be available for producing programs, for printing posters

Other Information

  • Any other information relevant to your application