Experts in Romania

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A wealth of global paleoscience experts will give presentations at PAGES' "Central and Eastern Europe Paleoscience Symposium: From Local to Global" in Romania in May.

Guest speakers from North and South America, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Finland, South Africa and Spain will join forces in Cluj-Napoca to address broad topics on local and global change.

Will you be there to hear them? The deadline for submitting abstracts and requests for financial support is 21 March 2016, and the deadline for symposium registration is 1 April 2016. See the list, below.


To date, those lined up to give lectures - and their topics - include:

Claudio Latorre - Climate change and human occupation in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert

Janet Wilmshurst - Using ancient dung to reconstruct the transformation of prehistoric island ecosystems by invasive rats

David Carlson, Director, WCRP - Enhanced cooperation among climate and paleoclimate communities with specific opportunities for the Pannonian Basin

Kari Raivio, Future Earth - Coordinated global change research – the ICSU perspective

Willy Tinner - Vegetation dynamics and plant species distribution under changing climates

Lindsey Gillson, Dept of Biological Sciences, University of Cape Town - What can long term data contribute to the “Land-sharing versus Land Sparing” debate?

Michael Evans - PAGES 2k - Overview of recent products and progress

Cristiano Chiessi - Millennial-scale changes in temperature during Termination 1: a case study from the western South Atlantic and the adjacent continent

Blas Valero-Garcés - From the Neolithic to the Anthropocene: humans and depositional processes in Iberian mountain watersheds

Darrell Kaufman - Arctic Holocene paleoclimate synthesis - a PAGES endorsed project

Michal Kucera - Community- and population-level response of marine plankton to stress exposure: learning from the past

Hugues Goosse - Reconstructed and simulated temperature asymmetry between continents in both hemispheres over the last centuries

Pascale Braconnot - PMIP4 simulations: what is new?

For further information about the conference, go to the website here.