Fischer receives AGU Award

fischer presentsFormer PAGES co-chair Hubertus Fischer will receive the Willi Dansgaard Award at the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans in December.

The award is given in recognition of research impact, innovative interdisciplinary work, educational accomplishments (mentoring), societal impact, and other relevant contributions, plus to acknowledge that the awardee shows exceptional promise for continued leadership in paleoceanography or paleoclimatology. Dansgaard (1922-2011) is widely recognized as the father of modern-day water isotope studies, including discoveries of abrupt climate change events in the Greenland ice cores.

Fischer, who led PAGES from 2011-2016, said he was shocked and honored. "It came totally out of the blue and I feel greatly, greatly honored and humbled.

"Such an award goes usually to a single person, but without the work and enthusiasm of an entire working group, scientific breakthroughs are not possible! I want to thank all the people in my lab for their dedication over so many years.

"And although it is a prize for scientific achievements, it's also an award for PAGES, where so many former and present SSC members and chairs have been honored for their work over the years. I think it means that besides the recognition of the community service we do in the PAGES SSC by such awards, it is clear that PAGES provides huge chances for excellent science for each of us, which would not be possible without it."

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