VICS crop research in ERL

vics swiss crops erl 17Results of a new VICS working group paper, published recently in Environmental Research Letters, emphasize the need for interdisciplinary approaches to climate change adaptation considering not only biophysical, but also social, economic and political aspects.

Severe climatic anomalies in summer 1816, partly due to the eruption of Tambora in April 1815, contributed to delayed growth and poor harvests of important crops in Central Europe. Coinciding with adverse socio-economic conditions, this event triggered the last subsistence crisis in the Western world.

The paper, by Simon Flückiger et al., "Simulating crop yield losses in Switzerland for historical and present Tambora climate scenarios" model reductions in potential crop yields for 1816 and 1817 and address the question of what impact a similar climatic anomaly would have today.

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