Innovative online meetings

The iso2k logoIso2k project of the PAGES 2k Network has set a new benchmark in how to conduct a successful online meeting.

Group leader Bronwen Konecky has organized four mini-retreats, focusing on writing and data clean-up.

"Both the science and the technicality/practicality are going well," said Konecky. "In fact, we were far more productive (in the first session) than I had anticipated.

"No one was jet lagged, everyone could eat whatever type of food they like, people brought their own coffee/tea/beer/wine etc, and all of that makes for a successful meeting."

Seventeen participants attended the first mini-retreat, which was a database cleaning party and hackathon.

PAGES Executive Director Marie-France Loutre is impressed with this forward-thinking. "To the best of my knowledge, it is the first time that a PAGES working group has intensively taken advantage of the online option," she said.

"As Bronwen mentioned, no one was jet lagged. I would add that while no one was tired, costs are also reduced."

The group calculated they saved at least 35 metric tons of CO2 equivalent by not meeting in person.

“For the calculation, we assumed that if we had met in person, we would have met in a US city with a major international airport (we chose New York City),” said Konecky.

“Each participant put in their flight origin and destination and then we added the results together.”

The next mini-retreat, a write-a-thon, will be held on 20 December 2018. Access information about it and the other mini-retreats here.

For more information about how the mini-retreats function, contact Bronwen Konecky.