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PAGES 2k Network is a long-running initiative studying past global changes of the last 2000 years.
Find out more about Phase 3 of the 2k Network, and its projects, in the group's November 2020 webinar.
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Access the group's interactive AGU 2020 poster here.


- Further understand the mechanisms driving regional climate variability and change on interannual to centennial time scales.
- Reduce uncertainties in the interpretation of observations imprinted in paleoclimatic archives by environmental sensors.
- Identify and analyse the extent of agreement between reconstructions and climate model simulations.


Nerilie Abram
Oliver Bothe
Nikita Kaushal
Bronwen Konecky
Hans Linderholm
Belen Martrat
Helen McGregor
Steven Phipps
Scott St George
Sarah Eggleston (PAGES IPO)


Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

The past 2000 years (the "2k" interval) provides critical context for our understanding of recent anthropogenic forcing of the climate, as well as baseline information about Earth’s natural climate variability. It also provides opportunities to improve the interpretation of paleoclimate proxy observations, and to perform out-of-sample evaluation of the climate and earth system models that are used to generate projections of future climate change.

In 2008, PAGES initiated the 2k Network to coordinate and integrate regional efforts to assemble existing proxy data and generate climate reconstructions.

2k temp bertler proc web

Processing ice cores in Antarctica. Credit: Nancy Bertler.

Nine regional groups were established during the course of the initiative, spanning eight continents and the global ocean. Phase 1 (2008-2013) focused on generating regional temperature reconstructions. During Phase 2 (2014-2016), a number of trans-regional groups emerged from amongst the community, focusing on topical challenges such as methods development, data-model comparison, database construction, and large-scale climate.

New 2k Network survey - deadline 30 April 2021

Following the 2k Network Town Hall meetings in February, 2k Network leaders have created a new survey. It is open to anyone, even if you didn't attend the Town Halls. Read more about the survey and its goals here and take the survey.

Recent promotional materials

> Access the interactive AGU 2020 poster

> Phase 3 Poster (below) - click to enlarge

Phase3 EGUPoster 2019

Phase 3 projects

The projects that are still active in this phase are:

> CoralHydro2k
> Iso2k

Learn more and participate

There are many ways to be part of the PAGES 2k community.

You may contribute to the ongoing database and knowledge-base efforts with your data and expertise.

You may initiate a new 2k project, or participate in an emerging one by contributing towards project coordination, data-analysis, interpretation or writing.

Members from related communities, including CLIVAR scientists, are warmly welcomed to join or even initiate 2k projects.

Visit the projects page to learn more about ongoing projects or to propose a new one.

This group is open to anyone who is interested. If you would like to participate in Phase 3 of the PAGES 2k Network or simply to receive updates, subscribe to the 2k Network mailing list here or contact a member of the coordinating committee.

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